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June 16, 2017
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— When shopping for a new set of tires you might also be thinking about a different set of wheels too. Getting them both together already mounted up is actually a good way to save some money, when they’re offered up as a package deal, such as Sedona provides.

When you go to their website click on “Wheel & Tire Kits”. Step 1 is choosing a tire, which Sedona has 9 models. Step 2 is choosing a wheel style and there are a variety of options, including Raceline wheels. Step 3 shows a photo of what that tire looks like mounted on that wheel. Below that is a chart showing each tire size and the price of both it and the wheel together.

Sedona provides a good selection of tire options for you, whether you ride mud, sand, rocks or just general all-around trail use.

More info here > http://www.sedonatires.com/products/wheel-tire-kits

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