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— YAMAHA TRI-FZ 450: This would have been the logical next step for Yamaha after their Tri-Z 250, but it was not to be. You have to build one yourself using parts from a YZF 450 dirt bike.

KAWASAKI TECATE 450: The Tecate 250 two-stroke was a fast 3-wheeler and this 450 four-stroke would have been an excellent replacement. But no, Kawasaki only offered a two-wheel version and much assembly was required to covert it.

HONDA ATC250R WATER EDITION: With these special big wheels you could ride it right into a lake and cruise on across. That created a whole new addition of possible lawsuits from greedy lawyers, so Honda wasn’t eager to pursue this.

POLARIS PREDATOR 500 3-WHEELER: Someone went to a lot of work to saw the front end off this quad and add a set of forks to it. When the prototype was shown to Polaris they weren’t interested… but maybe if it had been a RZR 3-wheeler…

HONDA ATC450R: Now here is the baby most 3-wheel riders would love to have.  Fortunately, TPC will build one for you. It is basically how 3-wheelers would have naturally evolved using today’s technology.

BRUDELI LEANING 3-WHEELER: This was built as an experimental concept vehicle to test how the idea would work. It actually worked better than many people expected, but so far no one has been willing to sink big bucks to take it to mass production.

YAMAHA TRI-SHEE: This is what you get when you put a Banshee 350 engine into a Tri-Z 250 frame and then modify it even more. This thing really screams on a TT race track, but you gotta’ back it in to win.

HONDA ATC500R: There were quite a few brave riders who put a CR500 2-stroke engine into an ATC250R frame. However, there was no way Honda was going to do that for you with all the legal battles happening at the time.

HONDA ATC125R: This is what you got after putting a CR125 motor into an ATC200X frame. However, 125cc 3-wheelers never caught on.

YAMAHA BANSHEE 3-WHEELER: Yes, someone actually built one, but there weren’t too many others wanting to copy it. We hear it’s sitting in a museum somewhere.


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