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February 14, 2017
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without spending much money.
Boss McKannick to the rescue!

Dear Boss,
I have a 1996 Arctic Cat Bearcat 450. It only goes 30 mph at full throttle. I asked the guy I bought it from, and he says it began losing speed after he had the carburetor rebuilt. Can you tell me what might be wrong with my quad and how to fix it? Thanks for your help.
Martin Byler
Spartansburg, PA

Certainly sounds like the previous owner did something wrong! Since your carburetor is a CV type, I would remove the top bell cover and see if the diaphragm has a hole in it. If it does, it’s $152 to replace the slide/diaphragm assembly. Or, you could use an old trick—silicone seal. Smear some over the hole and let it dry, then reassemble. Other causes could be the needle jet is not positioned correctly in the slide, or the needle jet/main jet has dropped out of position.
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