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— Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, Michigan is a favorite riding area for guys living in the northern midwest section of the USA. Dirt Wheels reader, Kyle Langford enjoys riding there as well and he became drawn to all of the super modified quads that show up on a regular basis. So naturally, he felt compelled to build himself a “Hot Rod Duner” too.

His Yamaha Raptor 700 started off with the normal sand mods, like a longer swing arm, improved suspension, different wheels and tires, along with various other custom touches. For the motor, Kyle went with a proven formula for bolting on more horsepower. In other words, he added a D7 Turbo kit which are readily available for Raptors from numerous sources.

When set at 15 pounds of boost, the D7 kit will typically produce 90 horsepower at the rear wheels on the dyno for a stock Raptor 700. With different cams, valves and some mild porting it can go up to 130 horsepower. That will certainly get you to the end of a sand drag strip in a hurry. Whether or not you beat another high-powered quad depends on your riding ability.

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