•Scrapheap Challenge’ returned to our screens last week with two new stars ? a pair of Honda Foreman All Terrain Vehicles.  The 500cc ATVs, launched in the UK in March 2005, help the two teams retrieve materials scavenged from the scrap yard for their fabricated machines.


“The two Honda Foremans are indispensable to the teams as they are such hard workers,” comments Hadrian Spooner, Head of Engineering, •Scrapheap Challenge’.  “As agricultural machines, they have all the attributes needed in the scrap yard.  Their twin rear shock absorbers allow them to carry heavy weights on their racks and to pull trailers.  The selectable four-wheel-drive/ two-wheel-drive option means they can choose traction when it’s needed or lighter steering for more manoeuvrability in tight spaces ? very useful when you’re reversing a trailer in a scrap yard!   The automatic transmission with manual override is also handy as the Foremans are easy to drive yet can be very tightly controlled.  The low ratio gearbox and low-revving engine add to this controllability and give the ATVs excellent pulling power.


“We are so pleased with the Foremans,” continues Spooner.  “The competitors only have ten hours to complete each challenge and sourcing the necessary materials takes up a large proportion of this time.  The ATVs help keep this to the minimum as well as undertaking tasks that are simply beyond human capabilities!  They are excellent machines and I don’t know what we’d do without them.”


Iain Radcliffe, Marketing Communications Manager, Honda (UK) Power Equipment adds: “The only change we made to the Honda Foremans loaned to •Scrapheap Challenge’ is additional puncture proofing to protect the tyres from bolts and debris found in a scrap yard.  Otherwise these are the same Foremans that are sold in Honda dealerships across the UK.


“All of the feedback we’ve received on the new Foreman has been similarly positive,” continues Radcliffe.  “Honda’s ongoing programme of research and development has once again proved invaluable and the Foreman’s “next generation” new features have raised the bar for ATV manufacturing.  We are looking forward to relaunching the Foreman as the 2005/ 2006 utility season gets underway.”


The Honda Foremans can be seen on Channel 4’s •Scrapheap Challenge’ on Sunday evenings at 1730 until January 2006.

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