The big four look to develop hydrogen-powered "two-wheelers and other means of transportation in the future.

Executives of Kawasaki Motors Co., Suzuki Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., and Yamaha Motor Co. at a press conference in Tokyo. Photo courtesy of Kyodo News

The four largest Japanese motorcycle and ATV manufacturers have combined forces to develop hydrogen-powered engines for motorcycles and other vehicles according to a report by Kyodo News of Japan. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha have all agreed to set up an organization for the research and development of hydrogen engines, which use the world’s most abundant resource for fuel. The effort was created to answer Japan’s recent policy to promote hydrogen as a true zero-emission fuel source.

The announcement also comes as other countries have turned to electric vehicle production, which has its own dark environmental issues such as the destructive mining of lithium and cobalt required to create the batteries. In addition to being better for the environment, hydrogen can also be used to power existing fossil-fueled engines.

Hydrogen is a type of next-generation clean energy that has a huge potential,” claimed Yamaha President Yoshihiro Hidaka at a recent press conference where the joint venture was announced. Companies like Toyota have already begun developing hydrogen powered cars, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited has already developed the technology to safely transport hydrogen. Toyota has also joined this venture.

The new association will work together to develop the engines. Each company will then take what they’ve learned to develop new vehicles and products for consumers.

We look forward to this technology making its way into ATV and UTV chassis soon!

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