Honda unveils its largest ATV yet ? the 675cc Rincon AT2/4WD


The all-new 675cc Rincon AT2/4WD, launched in January 2006, is Honda’s largest ATV to date, replacing the 649cc model introduced in 2003.   Like its predecessor, the 2006 Rincon continues to be the only Honda ATV that combines sports and utility features.  In addition, the upgraded Rincon is the first Honda ATV to feature electronic fuel injection.  It also boasts sharper handling and new suspension settings. 



Honda’s largest ATV engine has been boosted from 649cc through an increase in bore size of 2mm. This, combined with the fuel injection system, washable air filter and redesigned exhaust, gives the Rincon more horsepower and more torque without increasing exhaust noise.  The liquid-cooled, over-head valve, single cylinder engine is mounted longitudinally in the frame allowing direct drive-shaft to front and rear wheels for improved drivetrain efficiency. 


The engine’s camshaft is located adjacent to the cylinder head, reducing engine height. Together with a semi-dry-sump, which positions the oil tank inside the engine casing, engine height is further reduced for a low centre of gravity and excellent handling.


Electronic Fuel Injection

The Rincon’s new electronic fuel injection system features a 40mm throttle body, 12-hole injector and Idle Air Control Valve to maximise fuel delivery to both intake valves.  This intelligent system makes all the necessary adjustments to compensate for engine temperature, altitude and atmospheric conditions, guaranteeing consistent performance. 


Hondamatic transmission

Honda boasts the only automotive-style transmission in the ATV industry featuring a hydraulic torque converter, three hydraulic clutches and an electronic control unit (ECU) to automatically select one of three forward gears and one reverse gear.  The ECU monitors throttle opening, vehicle speed, engine rpm, gear selector position, brake application and engine oil temperature.   A key advantage of Hondamatic transmission is the presence of engine braking which is not available on conventional belt-drive systems.  Its design also means that gear shifting is smooth and precise while there are no belts to wear out and replace.



Honda’s automotive experience is also evident in the Rincon’s new brakes.  The sealed drum brakes at the front of the ’03 model have been replaced by disc brakes to match those at the rear.  These brakes feature callipers with patented built-in scrapers to remove mud, snow and ice from the inside of the wheel.  This improves the brake performance in extreme conditions as well as the durability of the brake pads. 


The brake pads are 1.5 times thicker than previously and are made from a hard-wearing compound with enhanced durability, feel and control.  In addition, the pads produce an audible warning when pad life is low.  Another new feature is the ability to start the bike in gear by simply applying the front brake.



The Rincon is well known for its compliant suspension and this has been further improved for 2006.  The new model’s fully independent rear suspension uses a double-wishbone design and features forged aluminium knuckles and upper/ lower A-arms to substantially reduce unsprung weight.  The rear knuckle pivots use lightweight metal bushings in place of conventional ball joints and radius arms, eliminating toe-in as the rear suspension travels through its stroke.  This simple design maintains rear wheel alignment, contributing to responsive overall handling.  Comfortable cruising is further enhanced by new Dunlop tyres and new valving on the rear dampers.


“The 2006 Rincon has all the speed and handling characteristics of a sports ATV combined with the ability to undertake the work responsibilities of a utility machine,” comments Iain Radcliffe, Marketing Communications Manager, Honda (UK) Power Equipment.  “With all of its new improvements it fulfils both criteria with more performance than its predecessor.  The 2006 Rincon is a state-of-the-art machine that raises the bar for leisure ATVs without raising the cost ? the upgraded model will retail at the same price as its predecessor: œ6970 ex. VAT.”


For further information and photography, contact Katie Holt on 020 7384 8718



Engine type: 675cc liquid-cooled OHV semi-dry-sump longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke


Bore and Stroke: 102.0mm x 82.6mm


Carburetion: electronic fuel injection with IACV idle control


Ignition: full-transistorized type with electronic advance


Starter: electric with auxiliary recoil


Transmission: automatic with hydraulic torque converter, three forward gears, reverse and electronic controls


Driveline: direct front and rear drive-shafts with torque-sensitive front differential



Front: independent double-wishbone; 175mm travel

Rear: independent double-wishbone; 203mm travel



Front: dual hydraulic 180mm disc

Rear: single hydraulic disc



Front: 25 x 8-12 radial

Rear: 25 x 10-12 radial


Length: 2113mm

Width: 1189mm

Height: 1207mm

Seat height: 876mm

Ground clearance: 254mm

Wheelbase: 1290mm

Dry weight: 272kg

Fuel capacity: 17 litre, including 4 litre reserve

Colours: red


Recommended for riders 16 years of age and older.



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