Hornet Performance, Inc. is a relatively new company that specializes in bumpers and grab bars for ATVs, like the ones pictured here. When we got wind of their new grab bar, which features a latch box to hold your keys, phones or wallet, we had to give it a try. We ordered up the $65.99 grab bar with the utility case and their $119.99 Viper front bumper to match, both powdercoated matte black with red accents to match our ‘96 Banshee. Hornet currently sells bumpers for 17 different popular ATVs, so check out their website (www.hornetperformanceinc.com) for more information on availability.
Out back, the utility grab bar holds our gear on the trail. We fortified the box with a Velcro strap.

Hornet offers seven colors for the bumpers and grab bars, with different custom colors available for the inserts where applicable. They are made from 1.25- and 1-inch 6061 aluminum round stock, with 0.25-inch flat stock for the mounts. The bumpers are strong and lightweight and look fantastic. The craftsmanship is incredible, and the bumpers fit the lines of the machine well. For our initial test, we didn’t put anything valuable in the box, but rather filled it with wrenches and bolts just to see if the box would hold the stuff during a hard ride. We also used a Velcro strap we bought from Home Depot to wrap around the box, just in case the latch were to open, which is just added security.

In normal riding, we didn’t have the case pop open once. The latch feels loose, which is why we bought the strap, and we would recommend doing so just in case. It’s a great place to keep small items, and during repeated splashings, the contents of the box never got wet. The bumper and grab bar bolted up in the stock locations without drama, and the Viper front bumper offers extra room to grab on, lift the machine and wrestle it around. Both grab bar styles have flag mounts built in as well. The ends of the bumpers are capped with plastic inserts for a finished look, and they have held up well to the elements.
The Viper front bumper matches the look of the quad well and adds a large amount of bash protection to the front end.

We like the Hornet products, and the grab bar brings some function to its form with the utility box. The Stealth and Viper bumpers are very similar in shape, and the Stealth is $40 cheaper due to less complicated bends and material. Hornet offers four bumper styles and two grab bar styles, starting at $79.99 for the Stealth bumper and $42.99 for the MX grab bar. So if you’re looking to save money, you can go that route. The Viper front bumper we installed is $119.99, and the grab bar with utility box is $65.99. We recommend checking out Hornet’s website at www.hornetperformanceinc.com to find your favorite piece or contacting them at (248) 289-6617.

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