Houser Racing Pro Bounce Nerf Bars

Houser Racing is one of the leading aftermarket forces in suspension design and ATV accessories. Most famous for their trick SliCast A-arms, Houser has branched out into providing more hard parts for your ride. Our favorite item from their catalog is this sweet set of high-tech nerf bars, which feature suspended pegs for added rider comfort. The peg houses a pivot bushing and rubber damper to allow up to 5/8 inch of cushioned peg movement to isolate your feet from hard impacts. The pegs are super wide and have an aggressive profile for maximum grip with kicked-up ends. The set we ordered came in a beautiful candy-red finish and retails for $475.
They look great in red, right? Looks aren’t the only thing Houser brings to the table; these nerf bars perform very well.


The nerf bars themselves are made from powdercoated aluminum, with nylon netting and steel mounting brackets. The front mounting bracket replaces the two forward engine mounts and utilizes a two-piece design that doesn’t adversely affect chassis flex. The rear mount takes the place of the stock footpeg mount and alleviates the mounting point at the fender. The nerf bars have to be pieced together with the included bolt kit, which allows you to remove the heel guard with just two bolts. The heel guards are netted and adjustable, but may require you to file off some of the powdercoating on the inside of the tube in order for them to fit properly. All of the hardware pieces included with the kit are high-quality zinc-plated bolts and nyloc nuts. The nets are easy to install and use steel retaining clips to hold the loose ends. Installation takes about an hour and 15 minutes using normal hand tools.
Here’s a closeup of the peg pivot; it hinges from the outside, allowing your feet to take less of a blow on hard landings.


Thread the nets into the nerf bar and heel guard before assembly, then install the peg with the nerfs off of the machine. Once the nerfs, peg and heel guard are fully assembled, bolt them to the quad.


We set off to the track to test the Pro Bounce nerf bars on our resident YFZ450R to put some hard hours on them. We set the peg at the tightest setting, or the most “preload” on the rubber bump stop. Even with it fully maxed, you can feel the cushioning effect as the pegs move through their small amount of travel. If you land hard or come up short, the shock felt through the pegs is far less than with solid mounts. Another big plus is vibration reduction, where the YFZ is already very balanced and smooth; there is almost zero harmonic vibration transmitted through the rubber-mounted pegs with the Houser kit installed.
On the track, the cushioning effect is very noticeable. Vibration is also isolated very well, making the already-smooth YFZ even smoother.


The Houser Pro Bounce nerf bars work like a charm and look downright gorgeous. We love the swept look of the edge of the nerf (built to give extra clearance for tight trails), the candy-red powdercoat and the complex look of the footpeg assembly. It’s a winner in our book! It retails for $475 from Houser Racing at

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