How Dirt Fans Can Keep Busy During Lockdown

Lockdown has affected us all in some way or another. We have additional time spent in our homes, rather than going to the latest dirt racing event. There are signs of change, but we may have to wait a while before seeing significant events again. What, therefore, can dirt fans do to keep themselves busy during this unprecedented time?

Read a Book or Two

A great way to spend some time is to read some books. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy novel; you could go through those sports magazines that you’ve meant to read for ages. Reading a novel is a great idea, though, and allows you to escape into another world. 

There’s so much out there to choose from, both in terms of hardbacks and paperbacks. If sport is your passion, spend some time going through books about dirt racing. There are plenty on the market that you can enjoy such as Lone Wolf by Doug Wolfgang. 

If you don’t fancy doing the reading yourself, why not get an audiobook? Just relax in your favorite chair and listen to an enthralling book. Or perhaps you should be doing the reading of the books to others. Read a book to your children, that’s not just a good time spent with your family, but it can be fun and perhaps even educational at the same time. Whatever method you choose. 

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Before racing resumes with spectators theres plenty to keep you busy

Enjoy Some Online Gaming

One good way to keep busy and entertained is to join an online gaming or sports betting site like Bovada. There may be a limited amount of sport to be placing bets on now, but sites are finding ways to keep their customers entertained.

If you aren’t already a member of a betting site, then it is important to find out as much as you can before registering. This is especially important when it comes to areas such as financial transactions and payment methods. Some websites will help you with this, providing plenty of information about welcome offers and other bonuses.

Once you visit the sportsbook, you will find that there are still plenty of betting opportunities available. Soccer has been hit hard, but there are still leagues in Belarus and South Korea, and the German Bundesliga is returning on Saturday 16 May. There’s lots more to keep you entertained with table tennis, Esports, and even NFL 2020 Sims. 

It’s not all about sport, however. You can also have a great time playing online casino games such as roulette and blackjack. There’s also a great selection of slot games too, so never a dull moment.

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Grilling time!

Anyone for Another Burger?

The thrill of seeing the latest ATVs dirt racing is absent at present, so we must find other ways of keeping us busy. One popular pastime that can still be enjoyed (with a few restrictions) is having a BBQ. Just writing about getting out in the yard and grilling up some pork, beef, or chicken is a mouth-watering thought. 

The weather is warming up, so time to get the grill going and talk about all those excellent dirt racing experiences you have had in the past. You can rest assured that there are plenty of stories that can be told while you tuck into some well-grilled meat.

Time to Do Some DIY

Now is the perfect time to be doing some DIY. If you look around your house, or listen to your partner, there are plenty of jobs to do. Whether it’s repairing that yard fence, painting the restroom, mending shelves that are threatening to fall, or sorting that dodgy pipework out, a busy time could well be ahead of you.

It doesn’t have to be all about mending or painting. Why not rearrange your furniture and give your home a new look? All those jobs you have put off can now be tackled. Just be careful you don’t do yourself an injury, though.

Begin Another Boxset

What wouldn’t we do without the internet? Now is the time to sit back and relax and catch up with all those TV shows and movies you’ve meant to watch.

There’s a multitude of boxsets that you can view online with every possible genre available. Settle down with the children to watch some Disney and Marvel movies. Then send them to bed so that you can watch all those gory bits in Game of Thrones again. That’ll keep you busy!

Try out any or all of these new pastimes, and before you know it, everyone will be out and about watching dirt racing or driving their ATVs around. In the meantime, you’ll be well-read, well-fed, have made a little cash – and done all your household repairs.



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