— Not all of us live at a place where we can just ride to the trails right from our back door. Even if you can, there’s always other great riding areas you like go to. So, that means hauling your ATV or UTV somewhere is a standard part of the sport. There are many different ways to do that, from fancy haulers to not-so-fancy. We typically see the full range of dos and don’ts when observing how off-road machinery is transported. Here is an example of some of that creativity and improvising.


When you gotta go… and you don’t have a trailer or truck.

The preferred way most of us haul our machine… on a trailer pulled by a truck with room to stow extra gear.

Here’s what can happen after you install that wider aftermarket axle.

Two quads will fit in the back of a pickup truck if you know how to arrange them just right.

It’s not easy to stand a UTV up on end, so you have figure out other ways to make two fit on a trailer.

Who would have thought a quad could fit in the bed of a Rhino?

One of the things you have to consider is if the tow vehicle has enough power to make it up a hill.

The ultimate dream is to have an enclosed trailer with little rollers to move your quads around inside.

Having a foldout penthouse on your toy hauler puts you in the upper class of luxury.

Leave no rider behind! A converted school bus is a cool way to get all of your friends and their machines to the riding area. It shows that you have style, class and know how to use a welding torch.

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