Can today’s technology still provide improvements to a new 450 performance quad? Or, are they so good from the factory now that there’s not much else you can do? To find out we met with a top racer on the west coast to see what all he did to his machine and evaluate how much difference it made.

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Logan Huff runs up front in the WORCS series, so he knows how to use the full potential of a race machine. For his ride he started with a new 2017 Yamaha YFZ450R and then proceeded to round up various aftermarket parts to bolt on to it. He set out to improve the power, the suspension, the handling and the reliability factor.

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So, how much better was his YFZ after the modifications? Would the same things be an improvement for other 450s too? The Dirt Wheels crew has the answers to those questions and you can see the full report in the new June 2017 issue, on sale at your local newsstands now. Make sure you get a copy.

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