— Make your quad’s front end perform the best —

You may have a quad or UTV that allows you to adjust the camber and caster of the front end. You usually find these types of adjustable pieces on aftermarket A-arms, but rarely on OEM equipment. There are several aftermarket A-arm companies that offer camber- and caster-adjustable A-arms. Houser has Slicast A-arms, Teixeira Tech offers adjustability in their arms, while Walsh Race Craft and Roll Design, too, have adjustability. Camber and caster adjustments drastically affect the machine’s handling. Camber is how much the top of the tire is in towards the A-arms or to the outside. Caster is an adjustment that moves the angle of the knuckles forward and backward. Both camber and caster affect the way the machine handles in corners or high-speed sections. If your machine has aftermarket A-arms with camber and caster adjustability, here is how to measure and adjust them.


  • 1. First off, be sure that the machine is on level ground. The easiest way to measure how much camber your front end has is to use a framing square and measuring tape. Most aftermarket companies have recommendations on where the camber measurement should be, but the more camber you have, the quicker it will turn. A good setting and what most bikes come with on the OEM A-arms is anywhere from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. Be sure to place the square so that it lines up straight with the wheel-hub center nut. Then take your measurement from the top of the tire to the edge of the square that’s closest to the tire. Write down the measurement.


  • 2. On these Houser Racing Slicast long-travel A-arms, it has a simple setup to change the camber and caster of the front end. Loosen either nut and tighten the other nut, which will move the tire in or out.


  • 3. Now it’s time to check the measurement again. Once you hit the correct mark for both tires, it’s time to check the caster.


  • 4. The Slicast (caster adjustment) is so simple to use it’s scary. By turning the Slicast wheel to different degrees, you can achieve a great setting for whatever you’re looking for. Teixeira Tech also has a simple design that’s easy as loosening the top bolts and moving it through the notched opening on the top A-arm. Having the caster adjustment towards the rear of the quad will give it the most stability during high-speed riding. Having it all the way forward will help it corner quickly, but it will also make the front end feel twitchy and unpredictable. Again, all of these adjustments are rider preference. The Slicast is only found on Houser Racing A-arms, but the measurements will remain the same across the board for all the other brands. Once you have the correct settings on camber and caster on both front tires, go ahead and tighten the nuts to the correct torque setting. Your machine should now be ready to conquer any type of terrain you are riding on and now do it better!

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