You’ve seen the coverage of Grand National Cross Country and WORCS (World Off Road Championship Series) racing in the pages of Dirt Wheels or on TV and said to yourself, “I could do that.” You’re right, you can. Cross-country (XC) racing is one of the easiest ways to start competing. There are classes for all skill levels and machine types so there is no excuse.

Of course you still may feel intimidated if you have never been to a race at all. Don’t be. We’ll walk you through a typical procedure for entering such a race; then when you get up the nerve, you’ll know what to do.


Take a look at an ATVA XC (or WORCS if you live in the west) schedule and find a race closest to you and get prepared. First you’ll need to get an ATVA ($39) or WORCS membership ($30). This will get you a member number and make signup at the track much quicker.

You can race any type of quad as long is it is in sound operating condition. The only aftermarket item that is required is a tethered shutoff (or kill/deadman) switch. Actual number plates on your quad are not required for ATVA races. They use a barcode-scoring sticker that gets placed on your helmet before the race. WORCS also uses a number on your helmet but requires numbers and color-coded backgrounds on each ATV.

Most competitors on the ATVA circuit get to the tracks the day before the race. This gives them time to walk or bicycle around the track and sign up. There is no practice. Signups are usually open Friday afternoon and from 8 a.m. Saturdays until the races start. At signup you will receive a bar code sticker that goes on the left chin bar of your helmet and a color coded class designation sticker for the back of your helmet. The colored sticker lets you know what class the rider on the trail in front you is in. All ATV classes run on Saturdays and the dirt bikes run on Sunday. Sometime after signup and before the race you must take your machine to a technical inspection area. Here a track official will give your race vehicle a once over and check to see that your scoring number is on your helmet.

An ATVA event consists of two races, one two-hour race at 10 a.m. for amateurs, women, seniors, first timers and Utility machines, then. Pros, Vets, A and B classes run at 1 p.m. for two hours. Classes take off in rows one minute and thirty seconds apart from each other. You only race against people in your own class but overall results are posted so you can see how your results stack up to the other classes. Riders must be 16 to race GNCC on an ATV. An amateur entry fee is $40, the pro/am entry fee is $50 and the pro entry is $75. Gate fees for most rounds are $10 per person per weekend.

You can sign up for a WORCS event anytime up until one hour before the race starts at the track, which is 3 p.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday. On-line preregistration for each race saves time and can be done at up until two weeks prior to the event.

Saturday the ATV races start at 3 p.m. and run for one hour. This day amateurs, vets, C-classes and women run, along with an unclassified practice race. Sunday’s ATV race begins at 2 p.m. and runs for 80 minutes. Each class starts in their own row 30-60 seconds apart from the other classes. Entry fees are $100 for pros, $50 for amateurs and $25 for the unclassified class.

Grab your your gear, load up your quad and come out and have a good time!
Racer Productions, (304) 284-0084
WORCS, (702) 293-2561

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