Dear Boss,
I have a Polaris Sportsman 570 two-up quad. My wife rides on back most of the time, and we both like this machine. However, we’ve had problems with the rear seat-mount pins breaking. They don’t seem strong enough for the weight of two people and the constant side-to-side motion. I’ve heard that other 570 Touring owners are having the same issues with their seat mounts. I’m sure someone has come up with a solution, and, Boss, my money is on you to know what that is. Please provide me with your expert advice on this.

Jeff Richardson
Arlington, TX
 Actually, son, someone has come up with just the fix you need. Rangers have the same problem, and the Polaris factory developed a broken peg kit. This kit can be utilized on your 570. It’s Polaris P/N 2204383. The root cause is heat. Since you didn’t tell me what year your 570 is, I don’t know whether yours came with the factory heat shields or not. If yours has the heat shields, I would suggest trimming the heat shield so the seat- posts rest on the frame and not the heat shield. The heat shield transfers heat to the posts, softening them and causing breakage.

sportsman 570 T

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