FIX-IT: How-to Install a Twist Throttle

The thumb throttle that comes stock on ATVs can be very tiresome on long rides. We experienced that under racing conditions or on long trail rides, our thumbs would become very sore or even useless at times. We contacted Motion Pro and got their Vortex throttle kit to convert our thumb throttle to a twist throttle that you would find on any dirt or street bike. We installed this kit on a 2015 Yamaha YFZ450R project quad.


When you first start this install, make sure you have all the necessary parts needed, which includes a new throttle cable, throttle tube and tube housing. Our kit from Motion Pro came with everything needed. First, you want to remove the seat and the gas tank if it is in the way of the carb or throttle body. We got away with leaving the gas tank installed and just removing the front and rear fenders and seat. After we removed the parts that would be in our way, we then moved onto removing the stock throttle assembly. When removing the stock cable, keep note of how it was routed, because you will route the new cable the same way. On the YFZ 450R, we had to remove three screws on the side of the throttle body to access the cable linkage; removal of the throttle body was not needed for this. After getting access to the throttle linkage, we simply removed the stock cable and swapped in the new cable from Motion Pro and routed it the same way that the stock cable was routed from the factory. When the old thumb throttle housing is removed, you will need to remove the grip on the throttle side so you can install the twist throttle assembly onto the handlebars. Install the cable into the new housing as specified in the included instructions that came with your kit. When you have the cable installed in the new housing, you want to make sure the cable doesn’t bind anywhere and that the throttle closes and opens fully. After you make any needed adjustments, then you can reinstall the three screws on the side of the throttle body to seal the linkage up from any outside debris. The final step is to install a new set of grips onto the twist throttle housing. We got a set of Hot Lap grips from TORC1 Racing for this.

Installing a twist throttle onto your ATV isn’t for everybody, as everyone has different preferences. Our test riders are used to riding motorcycles, so the twist comes naturally over the use of the thumb throttle. At the price of $72.61, this kit includes a Motion Pro Vortex throttle and throttle cable. Other throttle kits on the market can cost upwards of $150. The Vortex throttle is the fastest throttle available from Motion Pro and will open your throttle body to full throttle in just 45 degrees of twist (1/8 turn). This throttle kit is very responsive over the stock thumb assembly. To order yours and see other Motion Pro products, visit www. or give them a call at (650) 594-9600.

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