How to use your smart phone on your UTV

Motoring enthusiasts know all the advantages of Smartphones and smartphone technologies. They have made it paramount for us to access the virtual world. These units allow you to consistently stay connected to the internet and enjoy your favorite apps.

Auto Head units allow you to access apps and other smart features for your leisure, including a geo-location or map app. An auto head unit in a vehicle has become a luxury.

However, it has grown to be a standard integration on most highway vehicles today. Whether you see a typical household vehicle or luxurious cars, they have one!

Similarly, your UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) can also have a top android auto head unit! How? Let’s find out!

There Are Different Types Of Auto Heads


There are plenty of benefits of going with a sound system. You can still access the voice commands and navigation. Similarly, you can still enjoy the most-loved entertainment media of all times, music. Thus, you can play music and boom the beats.

Additionally, you can make modifications to the sound system easily. If you go for a top android auto head unit, it should be compatible with your smartphone. That allows you can play your songs and enjoy your work.

However, this raises the question, is there a way for you to have a screen for your UTV? There is! You can still purchase a separate screen and screen holder to work with your auto head or buy the one that comes with a display. There is also a small ‘life hack’ that you can use in your UTV.

A Lifehack To Install Auto Head Unit In Your UTV With Screen


Here’s something interesting for you. Decide to invest in a sound system auto-head for your UTV. By cutting down on the display or touch screen, you can save a lot of money. Thus, you can invest this money to purchase a top android auto head unit for your UTV. Now, you might wonder what you will do without a screen, right? That’s not a problem at all. You can instead buy a phone holder.

That’s right. It’s a lifehack of a genius! A UTV is essentially like a bike on four wheels, most of the time. It does not have apt space to hold your screen comfortably without delivering some form of force from the movement and obstacles. As such, the delicate components can get damaged. However, your smartphones are durable enough for robust handling.

Similarly, a phone-holder tends to have an adamant grip on the vehicle and your phone. It will provide you with the ‘screen’ you’re looking for. You can bolt or install this holder anywhere on the UTV from where you can see it comfortably.

After that, you can slide in your smartphone and connect with your top android auto head unit while you rev up the work and enjoy the leisure. Isn’t it brilliant?

Is There A Way To Install The Top Auto Head Unit With Screen?


So you didn’t enjoy the life hack too much and still want to install a complete android auto head system? Well, for that, you can take these tips and enjoy the installation:

  • Rear Rack Installation: The back rack of your UTV can be used to install the stereo system completely. It will be robust and able to deliver impeccable performance. Many stereo system suppliers offer shockproof, waterproof, and dirtproof stereos for UTVs. The modern world is full of surprises. While this is the sound part of your auto head unit, let’s look at the display part.
  • Glove Box Installation: Each UTV comes with a glove box. Now you can use this compartment to install the top android auto head unit. With this, the wires will be inside and behind the glove box, out of delicate reach. It will hold the screen firmly. Most importantly, the glove compartment is in the front and easy to view. As such, you will have convenient access to everything you need to do.

And that is how you can have the best auto head unit installed for your UTV for utmost convenience!

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