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We say it time and time again—protection is the most important factor when it comes to off-roading any machine. Wearing the right helmet, eye protection, switching out the stock UTV seat belts with harness systems—all of these are great ideas to keep you riding longer. If you ask one of our editors which UTV accessory you would purchase after the helmet and harnesses, they would tell you to get a stronger roll cage.

Rolling a UTV is a serious matter, and the harder you drive one, the more it is bound to happen. The stock roll cages on these machines are generally designed to handle one roll, not multiple rolls in one crash. CageWrx understands the importance of this, and they create roll cage systems for Polaris, Can-Am, and Yamaha sport UTVs.

We ordered up their RZR XP 1000 Race cage with a built-in rear bumper, which fits on our 2018 RZR XP Turbo. These steps will help you with removing and installing a new roll cage onto your machine. CageWrx sells cage kits that you can weld and fabricate together yourself. You can order raw cages or a fully assembled and powder-coated cage that you can pick up from their facility. Go to or call (951) 223-9118 to get more info on their cages, roofs, bumpers, and more.

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1. Polaris RZR’s seatbelt assemblies connect to the upper part of the stock cage and door-hinge bracket and must be removed. Note: You cannot use the stock belts again and must purchase four- or five-point belts.

2. It is easier to do the removal and installation of the cage if you remove the doors at the hinges and then remove the door mounting brackets that utilize the same upper mounting bolts as the roll cage.

3. Now you can remove the mounting hardware for the front and rear roll cage mounting supports. Make sure you hold onto all of your stock hardware for reuse, unless you purchase all-new mounting hardware.

4. The roll cage can be taken off of the machine with the help of another person at the front and rear of the machine or at the sides. Now you can take the new cage and fit it into place. At this point you will need to get creative with your tools to ensure a proper fit. Metal expands and contracts, so some cages might not fit perfectly without manipulation.

5. Start installing the front and rear mounting hardware. Utilizing a large drift or screwdrivers can help you align the mounting holes. A helper can also put pressure on certain points to get the cage to fit into place. If the roll cage is too wide at the mounting points, you can get a ratcheting tie-down with soft ties to cinch the metal inward to fit into the mounting points.
6. Once the front and rear mounting hardware is loosely installed, you can reinstall the door-hinge brackets onto the RZR. Utilize a drift and tie-down if needed to get the hardware to fit into place.
7. Now you can tighten down all of the hardware and then reinstall the doors. Note: When installing the hardware, make sure you thread the nuts onto the bolts by hand before you utilize any power-operated tools to perform the final tightening.
8. Now the roll cage installation is complete and you can move onward to the rear bumper extension. For this task you will need to jack up the rear of the RZR. Taking off the rear wheels will be helpful for later alignment and installation.
9. Removal of the four mounting bolts and nuts of the inner radius rod mounting plate is required, since the new bumper will be taking the place of the radius rod mounting plate. This job is impossible without the correct wrench, in this case an 18mm box-end, to hold the nuts.
10. Have your helper hold the new rear bumper in its new home while you align the upper mounting holes and thread the included mounting bolts into their holes. You may need to utilize a drift and tie-down to do this task.
11. The bottom mounting portion of the bumper requires the manipulation of the tie-rods between the mount and the RZR to loosely fit the bolts back in place. It is a good idea to purchase new hardware for mounting the radius rods.
12. Once all four bolts are in place with the nuts threaded on the bolts, you can tighten down the bumper mounting hardware on the cage side and radius rod side. Reinstall the wheels and lower the machine back on the ground and you are done with the install!

CageWrx sells cage kits that you can weld and fabricate together yourself. You can order raw cages or a fully assembled and powder-coated cage that you can pick up from their shop. Go to or call (951) 223-9118 to get more info on their cages, roofs, bumpers and more.

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