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From Dirt Wheels Dialed In, by Winston “Boss” McKannick.

Dear Boss,
I have a 2009 Kawasaki Brute Force 750i with almost 5000 miles on it. A while back it started spitting and sputtering when I hit 30 mph, and it wouldn’t go any faster than that. I sent it to the dealer, and the coils and the filter screen for the fuel pump were replaced. When I got it back, I took it riding the same day and it began spitting again at 30 mph. The longer I rode it, the slower it would go. Before we got back it was only going 6 mph. The people behind me said it was back firing and shooting flames from the exhaust. The interesting thing is if you turn it off for 15–20 minutes and then hit the starter, it’ll run fine for the first few minutes. I’m thinking it could be a bad fuel pump or bad computer. What do you think is the problem?

Chance Rudge
Hudson, ME

What do I think is the problem? Your dealer has “parts replacers,” not mechanics! Because if you let the quad set for 15 to 20 minutes, then it operates correctly. I am betting some piece of electronics is heat-sensitive. Let it cool off and it operates fine. I would obtain a can of cold spray, such as MG Chemicals Super Cold Spray, here: 403a-super-spray/dp/b008uh3nb8. Go for a ride, and when your quad starts acting up, start spraying a single component at a time and retest until the problem goes away. Things to spray can include plug caps, high-tension leads, ignition coils, black boxes, interlocks, etc. When you find the problem component, replace it and give the coils back to the dealer and get your old ones back or a full refund on their cost. I am pretty sure they replaced the ignition coils without any testing and replaced the pump screen because they thought that one of these was the problem (shotgun approach to mechanics) and did a quick ride, but not long enough to get the truly bad component time to heat up and fail.

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