HOW-TO: Mount Tires on Beadlock Rims

When upgrading the wheel and tire combo for your ATV or UTV, you have many options to choose from with styles, colors, and beadlock or non-beadlock. In this how to, we will show you how to mount your new tires onto a set of beadlock rims from OMF Performance Products. The purpose of a beadlock rim is to prevent the tire from spinning around the rim at low air pressures, or in the event of a flat you can still make it back to your camp or trailer without the tire flying off the wheel. Many top race teams use beadlocks for the simplicity of mounting and extra reassurance that they can make it to the pits if they happened to get a flat tire on the racecourse.


STEP 1: First, you will want to make sure you have the correct wheel clearances and all necessary hardware for the beadlock ring. Some tire/wheel combos require shims to achieve the proper spacing between the inner mounting ring and bead of the tire.


STEP 2: You can now begin the mounting process, starting with the beadlock side of the rim and inserting it into the tire. You will want to get the bead of the tire in the center divot of the rim to give you the most room for movement.


STEP 3: Use a pair of tire spoons to help insert the rim into the tire for the last few inches.


STEP 4: With the rim completely in the tire, flip the rim/ tire over to begin installing the beadlock ring. We found that setting the rim onto a smaller-diameter rim or bucket to get the wheel you are working on off the ground will help with aligning the tire bead onto the new rims.


STEP 5: You will now maneuver the tire around the rim until it sits flush against the clamping area. Now that the tire is correctly seated onto the beadlock clamping area, you can set the ring into place, aligning the mounting holes.

6A_BeadLock_HowTo_DSC_2193 6B_BeadLock_HowTo_DSC_2189

STEP 6: With the ring in place, add a small amount of anti-seize or equivalent lubricant onto the hardware. This prevents any seizing of the bolt threads in the wheel, then start installing the supplied bolts and washers.


STEP 7: Begin tightening down the bolts a few turns at a time in a criss-cross pattern. This ensures even pressure of the beadlock ring, preventing any balance issues.

8A_BeadLock_HowTo_DSC_2201 8B_BeadLock_HowTo_DSC_2210

STEP 8: Now that the bolts are snug in place, torque them to the proper specs determined on the size of wheel you have. With all the bolts torqued to the specs of 6–8 foot-pounds, then 12–14 foot-pounds and lastly 20–22 foot-pounds, you may install the valve-stem core if it was removed.


STEP 9: To seat the outer bead, you will want to spray some type of lubricant around the tire to keep it from hanging up on the rim. We like to use soapy water to help aid in this process. Now start filling the tire with air until you hear the bead pop in place, making sure to keep your hands or other objects clear from this open area.


STEP 10: With all your tires securely mounted on your new rims, you may now install them onto your machine. Torque your lug nuts to factory spec to ensure proper fitment.

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