HOW TO: PROTECT YOU ATV; Locks and Insurance

Whether your ATVs are new or old, keeping them and your assets safe should be high on your priority list. Full coverage ATV insurance can be less than $200 per year for a newer machine. Keep in mind that your homeowners insurance does not cover you if you ride off of your property.

There is nothing worse than walking into your garage and finding an empty spot where your quad should be parked. Or  you could be camping at your favorite riding park, and waking up, only to discover that someone rolled your pride and joy into the dark night.
On the positive side, there are ways to prevent this activity or even get your quad replaced if this nightmare comes true. We have put together some helpful tips on how to keep your toys from being stolen, and examples of what it would cost to insure your ATV before it does.

Buying an insurance policy will not only provide you with replacement funds if your quad disappears, it will protect you and your family’s assets in case you are involved in an accident that is deemed your fault.
Geico, one of the nation’s leading automobile insurance companies, in the past few years has recognized that there was a growing need to cater to folks like you who own and operate ATVs. Geico now has a complete powersports division that can insure ATVs, dirt bikes, Jet Skis and snowmobiles.

According to Geico, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover your ATV if you ride off your property or if you trailer your ATV to another location. Also, if you use your ATV in a state-owned or public park, ATV insurance may be required. An ATV insurance policy from Geico gives you the freedom to ride your four wheeler whenever and wherever you want, without worry. Geico policies offer liability protection from bodily injury, property damage, comprehensive physical damage and against the underinsured.
After talking to a Geico representative, we were reminded of how cheap it is to get a full coverage policy for your family’s ATVs. To get an idea of some insurance rates, see the example chart we prepared for you. Then give Geico a call to get your own rate quote at (800) 44-CYCLE or visit them on line at

There are companies that would rather you avoid getting your quad stolen altogether. Master Lock has ATV-specific products that are sure to thwart off thieves. The following locks are the ones we use on a regular basis.
The Python is a unique, expandable cable lock that conveniently works no matter if we are securing one quad or ten. Pythons are available in 6, 12 or 30-foot lengths. The 3/8-inch coated cable slides through the lock mechanism and can cinch down any sized load. We keep the 30-footer coiled up around the bed hooks of our Ford pickup and it uncoils just the right amount when needed. This 30-foot cable is long enough to reach quads sitting on our trailer as well. The Python product has been holding up strong and is a great deterrent to criminals.

The Python is one of the most versatile locks you can use for securing ATVs. They come in different lengths depending on your needs. We keep the thirty-footer ($35) on hand and use it often to lock machines in our trucks and on our trailers. You may also want to keep your trailer’s security in mind. A latch lock like this one will keep your cargo from ending up behind someone else’s truck or unhitched and heading down the highway going the wrong direction.

Originally designed for street bikes, the Quantum Cuff consists of a six-foot long 9/16-inch thick cable with a large loop on one end and a locking handcuff at the other end. We typically use this product when we are locking two quads to each other for overnight security at the racetrack. The cuffs easily wrap around an exposed part of a quad’s frame. It would be easier for a thief to cut through your quad’s frame than this lock. The Quantum Cuff retails for $47.

Out on the trail we use this $22 compact disc brake lock. It will keep your quad from being rolled into the night when out camping or at the track. It’s small enough to stow in your toolbox or backpack when not in use.

For security out on the trail we use a compact disc brake locking device from Master Lock. This 9/16-inch U-lock shackle is virtually saw-proof (at least out on the trail) and installs in seconds. While not in use, the lock can be stored under any seat. Price $24.
To keep our trailer from rolling away while in storage or parked behind McDonald’s on our way to or from the ride area, we rely on Master’s Coupler Latch Lock. It will fit nearly every trailer made with a latch no larger that 7/8-inch wide. To go along with the $8 latch lock, we use a $24 receiver lock to keep everything safely tied to the truck. This lock will fit either a 1/2 or 5/8-inch diameter receiver holes and has a rubber keyway cover for extra protection from water and road debris.
To see the complete Master Lock product line. check out or dial (800) 308-9244. Protect it and be safe.

Master Lock (800) 308-9244
Geico (800) 44-CYCLE