— Easy way to make your quad or UTV look like new —

When you see a shiny ATV in the showroom, it’s like love at first sight. The light gleaming off the carefully sculpted curves of the plastic bodywork is like art. Then you ride it, and two weeks in, it looks like a tired old mule. We may be exaggerating that last part a small amount, but every machine we test ends up with scuffed, scratched and beat-up plastics, no matter how careful we are with it. So instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on brand-new plastics, why not repair your old ones?

PC Racing is a company that has been around for quite some time now, and their Plastic Renew kit is known among racers and weekend warriors alike. We picked up one of their $20.95 kits and took it to our Brute Force 750, which took some good scraping in the rocks recently. The kit will restore a shiny finish to all dyed plastics and OEM bodywork panels, but not painted finishes like some special-edition machines have. A little elbow grease and some extra Dirt Wheels tips and your quad will be looking like brand new. So grab a kit from your local dealership or PC Racing ( [951] 698-4962), and tell them Dirt Wheels sent you!

For extra-deep scratches, drag a razor blade across the scratches to knock the edges off of them. Don’t try to cut the material off; just use the blade as a scraper.

If the scratches are really bad, pick up a Scotch Brite polishing pad kit from your local hardware or auto-parts store and use a fine pad to take out some of the deeper parts. Be careful not to gauge the plastics, so use light pressure.

Supplied in the kit are three different grits of sandpaper. Start with the 220, dip it in water and do light, even sanding coats.

Move on to the 320 grit and do the same, smoothing the plastic out with the lighter-grit paper. After an even sanding with the 320, move on to the 500 grit. Get the plastic nice and smooth.

Apply the Plastic Renew solution with the supplied towel. Make sure the coat covers the plastic effectively. After application, wait five minutes, then do a second coat.

Use the supplied steel wool to buff the finish on the coated plastics after it dries. Use light, circular motions.

Reapply the Plastic Renew solution with a clean part of the towel. Four or five coats with five minutes between to dry will yield the best results!

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