After decades of testing ATVs and the various parts that make them better, we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas. From time to time, we like to share them with you. Occasionally we give you lists of places to ride, and sometimes we share helpful tech tips. This month, we have created a guide of various low-cost products under $100 that will make this riding and wrenching season more enjoyable.

Moose Grip Warmer
Once you try a set of grip warmers, you won’t do without one ever again. This low-cost kit installs under any set of handle grips. The hi-low switch can be mounted anywhere on your quad’s bodywork. We use them all winter, and also enjoy their comfort on cold summer night test sessions in the desert.
PRICE: $40
Throttle Buddy
Even our thumbs get tired on longer rides. The Throttle Buddy decreases the effort it takes to push even the heaviest thumb throttles. It easily installs on any throttle lever. Even top Baja racers use a product like this to combat fatigue during races.
PRICE: $14
CONTACT: (800) 841-2960
Discount Ramps’ Loading Ramps
Unless you can ride out of your garage, a good set of loading ramps are a must for every ATV owner. has the largest selection we have ever seen. From small garden tractors and ATV ramps to huge UTV ramps, they have you covered. For just under the $100 mark, the Arch Fold Dual-Aluminum Ramps help make our job safe and easy. They are 7.5 feet long, only weigh 15 pounds each and are strong enough to load any ATV. For heavier UTVs, we use their even stronger Black Widow Series ramps, which range from $140-$240.
PRICE: $99
CONTACT: (888) 651-3431
High lifter Cab Saver
After damaging countless truck beds, we finally installed the High Lifter Cab Saver in all of the Dirt Wheels pickup trucks. This aluminum cross brace runs the width of any pickup, and securely mounts into the front stake pockets. Sport and utility quad bumpers rest right against its rubber stopper. It works for UTVs, too. This product not only will help protect the front panel of your truck bed, it will keep the quad from going through your back window.
PRICE: $30
CONTACT: (800) 699-0947
Locking Tie-Down
The right tie-down can not only help in the truck, it might come in handy on the trail. Lockstraps are built with an eight-bound stainless steel cable sandwiched between double-nylon webbing. Tough rivets keep dual-combination carabineer locks in place at both ends of the Lockstrap. You may change the combination with each use, if desired, and set different combinations on either carabineer. Lockstraps also incorporates a soft tie extension so no scratching occurs. They make a great tow rope in a pinch, too.
PRICE: $44
CONTACT: (951) 506-3682

Twin Air Bio System
Nothing makes your quad run better and last longer than a clean air filter. Although a brand new filter from Twin Air, K&N or UNI is your best option, the next best thing is to properly maintain the filter you already have. Twin Air’s Bio System is a complete kit with everything you need to service a foam filter. It includes a liquid filter oil, dirt remover, cleaning tub, oiling tub, gloves and contact cleaner. The system is convenient to use and easy to store in your garage or take with you to the track.
PRICE: $94
CONTACT: (800) 749-2890

Verde Shock Covers
A simple shock seal service will not only set you back nearly $100, it causes unnecessary downtime. Riding with a worn-out seal can cause even more problems for your shock shaft or internals. Shock covers are the cheapest and simplest way to protect your shocks from all kinds of harm. The 3- and 4-piece cover kits are water-resistant and will fit any shock brand. Matching graphics kits and seat covers are also available for under $100.
PRICE: $35-$50
CONTACT: (800) 483-3134
If you are still riding a carburetor machine, you know how fussy they can be when your trail takes you up or down in altitude. Stalling, hard-starting, major power loss and backfiring are all issues we face when we can’t rejet a machine for every riding situation. The Dial-A-Jet can be installed on any ATV carb. The Chinese-built ones, too. The product allows you to jet your carb, then you can use an external five-way clicker system when you need to richen or lean the air fuel mixture on the trail. As part of our job, one day we will be riding at sea level in the dunes, the next day we will be cresting 10,000 feet on a mountain run all on the same machine. If you do any of this, a Dial-A-Jet can help.
PRICE: $75
CONTACT: (320) 597-2700

Bare Performance Frame Gusset Kit
Any serious rider or racer knows that stock ATV frames have their weak points. A Bare Performance Gusset Kit can help eliminate a cracked and bent frame before it happens. BP works with top racers to take the guesswork out, and built a stronger frame and an easy-to-install strengthening kit. The 12- to 17-piece kit weighs under 2 pounds and takes about two hours to install on a bare frame by a competent welder. Kits are available for the Suzuki LTR450, Z400; Kawasaki KFX400; Honda 250R, TRX450R, 400EX; and Yamaha Raptor 660 and YFZ450. Ship your frame to the BP shop and they will do the welding for you, re-powder coat the frame, and ship it back to you for $500.
PRICE: $80
CONTACT: (765) 744-0320

Scotts Stainless Steel Oil Filter
Oil is the blood of your engine. It needs to stay cool and clean. The Scotts Performance Stainless Steel Oil Filter may cost more than a standard throwaway filter, but it should be the last filter you buy. It’s totally serviceable and reusable. The super-fine steel mesh filters out particles so small you can’t see them. What you can see, when you are servicing the Scotts filter with every oil change, is what is going on inside your engine. Not only can you note the color of your oil, you can see if there are any trapped bits of metal you should be worried about and investigate further. That kind of information could save you thousands of dollars down the road.
PRICE: $70
CONTACT: (818) 248-6747
Pivot Works Wheel Bearing Kit
Remember how smoothly your quad rolled when it was brand new? Years of riding and even washing can ruin your stock wheel bearings. For around $30 a wheel, Pivot Works’ Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit will have you rolling smooth in no time. The rear axle bearing for sport quads are also available for around $60. Pivot Works has kits for most sport and 4X4 quad years.
PRICE: $25-$65

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