How to Start a Quad Racing Career

The things you need to know to kickstart a career in quad racing

Quad racing is an exciting sport, and it is even more exciting for someone interested in it. You can progress from being an admirer of the sport to being actively involved. Often, it is your interest that metamorphoses into a passion. Quad racing is a thriving sport in the US, and you can tread its path to stardom. It is also an addition to more jobs in the US you can find, which can help you earn a living.

AMA national champion Chad Wienen finished in the runner-up position in the main ATV race, but took the win in the shorter Super ATV race. The race happens every year during the third week in February.

You need to go the right way from the start if you want to consider a career in quad racing. The foundation of every career must be solid, and the way you start goes a long way to determine that. Even if you don’t feel like having enough experience to get a job in quad racing now, you could start with an automotive technician position to gain more skills to work in the automotive industry.

And we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to inform you about the steps to be taken if you want to start a career in quad racing. Let’s explore more.


Ways to Start a Career in Quad Racing

Professional quad racing is probably the most exciting career opportunity anybody can get. However, good training is essential when you want to kickstart your career. This kind of work is not your regular 9-to-5 job. The work hours are from dawn till dusk, as you need to take every chance to prove yourself whenever you are on track.


In this career, you eat, sleep, and race. If you aren’t racing, you are doing everything possible to make yourself a better professional the next time you are on track. Below are the ways to start a career in quad racing.

So often the last five seasons have come down to a single bad moto, and while in the points lead, Hetrick had one in the fifth round. He is back to second in the series with six races left.
  • Learn About Quad Racing

The first step you must take when you want to start a quad racing career is to take your time and learn about the sport. You need to have adequate knowledge of the sport to set you on the right career path. The vehicle, the gears, and the game rules are essential things to learn about. Know what the flag means so that you can decipher it anytime you see it, and learn about the track rules to avoid being disqualified when you participate in a competition.

  • Create Time To Practice

After learning, what you need is to practice what you have learned. There is no other way to perfection than practice. A newbie needs to practice to get used to the game and master different skills. Even an experienced person needs to practice before going to any game. The more you practice, the better your performance. This is why it is vital to create time to practice and learn from the mistakes you might make.

There was plenty of epic ATV racing action over the weekend with full lines taking off into the rough course at Glen Helen Raceway.
  • Quad Racing Membership

You need to register as a member of associations like the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and All-Terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA) if you want to pursue a career in quad racing. These associations are strict with sanctions which you must avoid. Some competitions also require being a member of AMA before participating in them.

  • Purchase Appropriate Gears

Another way to start a quad racing career is to get your racing gear. This is to ensure your safety and confirm your readiness for competition. As you can’t go to a football match without the necessary football kits, you should not enter a race without the required gear.

Below are the gears you need to get:

  • Helmet
  • Googles
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Chest protector
  • Long-sleeved jersey
  • Long pants

These are the primary gears you need for your safety and protection. Getting these also prepares you for a quad racing career. Some race organizations are mindful of what you wear for competitions.

Examples of ATV gears for safety include:

  • Kill switch
  • Nerf bars
  • Transponder
  • Number plate

Each of these has its function to ensure your safety which is why you need to get them.

Joel Hetrick (center), Chad Wienen (left) and Jeffrey Rastrelli (right) rounded out the overall podium at High Point Raceway.
  • Know the Race Class You Belong

Do you know there are levels in quad racing? An amateur cannot jump to the level of experienced racers. The class can be determined by the size of the ATV engine, gender, and age group. This is to ensure a plain ground for all competitors. Starting a quad racing career requires you to know your class. It saves you from finding yourself against veterans on your first try.

  • Get A Release Form

A release form helps you waive the liability that an accident can incur. It is a step you need to take as you start your quad racing career because racing can be dangerous, and as an amateur, you are prone to mistakes.


A good foundation is the key to success in a quad racing career. It contributes to your development. Your preparation determines how good your performance will be. Don’t stop learning; familiarize yourself with any news in quad racing, and watch events.

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