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HOW-TO: Install a graphics kit on your ATV

Have you noticed that quads are covered in plastic, but we ride them in hard, scratchy dirt and mud? If you have, then no doubt you know what happens to that shiny plastic over time. What used to be smooth and glossy eventually looks more like a weird, motorized Chia Pet. That is where a […]

FIX IT: CVT belt tips and what breaks them

Dirt Wheels spends a lot of hours and miles in CVT (continuously variable transmission)-powered vehicles every year. As CVT-powered ATVs and UTVs have proliferated, knowledge of the system has grown exponentially as well. Dirt Wheels actually had a CVT belt guide before the Polaris RZR XP 1000 came out, and at that time belt life […]

FIX-IT: How-to Install a Twist Throttle

The thumb throttle that comes stock on ATVs can be very tiresome on long rides. We experienced that under racing conditions or on long trail rides, our thumbs would become very sore or even useless at times. We contacted Motion Pro and got their Vortex throttle kit to convert our thumb throttle to a twist […]

FIX-IT: How-to upgrade your Quad’s Water Pump & Coolant

Routine maintenance is key to keeping your machine on the trails or track longer with less downtime for repairs. The cooling system can often be overlooked at times, but in reality it needs just as much attention as the other moving parts. Without the cooling system working properly, you can experience many different mechanical failures, […]

FIX-IT: How-To Reface your ride with new bodywork and accessories

When purchasing a used ATV, most of the time the bodywork is scratched, sun-faded, cracked or broken from the previous owner. These blemishes can happen for a number of reasons, such as letting the ATV sit in the sun over long periods of time, getting in accidents or even coming in contact with objects on […]

FIX-IT: How-To Replace Swingarm Bearings

Regular maintenance of your ATV is important. Oil and filter changes are key for routine procedures, but there is more to keeping your quad in tip-top shape. At both ends of your quad there are sets of bearings, seals and spacers that need to be addressed on a regular basis too. This month we are […]

FIX-IT: How-To Rebuild a Carburetor

If your ATV ran when you parked it but refuses to pop when you finally decide to ride it again, chances are the carburetor is a mess. You can blame it on what passes for pump gasoline today—or bad luck, karma or even your annoying little brother—but you are lying to yourself. Face it; you […]

FIX-IT: How-To maintain your battery

Yes, we all love the miracle of the button and its gift of life. There’s a pure sense of satisfaction that goes down to your core when you fire up your ATV with no more than a slight movement of your thumb. Electric starters are a very good thing. But are batteries a good thing? […]

Goggle setup tips and advice

If you could have any superpower, what would benefit ATV riding the most? Not strength – little skinny guys beat big riders all the time. Mind reading, laser eyes and freeze breath all might be handy, but not for riding. No, the one comic book power that every rider could use most is super vision. […]

FIX-IT: How-To Install new brake lines and pads

When it comes to stopping your machine you need to have good brakes that work properly. In this how-to, we will show you how to replace your brake pads and replace the stock lines with longer ones. The need for longer brake lines comes when you add longer A-arms or a longer steering stem and […]

FIX-IT: How-To Repack your muffler

Aftermarket exhausts increase the performance of your machine and make it sound more aggressive. After 20 to 30 hours of riding, four-stroke muffler packing starts to deteriorate, resulting in loss of power and, in some cases, an obnoxiously loud machine. On two-stroke machines, after hours of use, the packing can get saturated in oil, clogging […]

HOW-TO-RIDE: Make time in whoop turns

Statistically speaking, very few ATV owners choose to race their machines in organized competition. Most don’t care whether any organization officially recognizes them as a “pro.” On the other hand, we all want to be better riders, and pro riders like current GNCC woods racing champion Walker Fowler know how to get over tough terrain […]