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HOW-TO: Install an exhaust and programmer on a 2016 Yamaha Grizzly

Since Yamaha released their 2016 Grizzly 700 and Kodiak 700, aftermarket manufacturers have been producing new products for the machine. We wanted to show you just how much effort it takes to install a power programmer and an exhaust system on our Griz. You will need metric sockets, an extension, ratchet wrench, flat blade screw […]

HOW-TO: Install a sound system in your UTV

One of the most unnecessary but most enjoyable upgrades you can make to your UTV might be a sound system. Nowadays with streaming music, huge iTunes libraries and satellite radio, it’s easier than ever to carry and play your music with you to the remote places you ride to. Basically, all you need is a […]

HOW-TO: Ride rocks, hills, ruts and more on your ATV

From time to time we bring you tips from pro riders on how to set up your quad and go fast on a track. We know most of you don’t ride tracks and would rather learn how to ride better on trails. So, in this feature we will give you a few tips on how […]

High Performance Tuning Tips for your CVT Clutch

We love our continuously variable transmissions. Mr. CVT, if that was his name, invented a marvelously simple and effective way of transmitting power to the ground without the need for manual shifting, manual clutches or wildly complex hydraulics. This mechanism works on a very sound mechanical principal: magic. At least, that’s the way most ATV […]

HOW-TO: Turn your ATV into a drag racer

In recent issues Dirt Wheels has tantalized readers with race reports and photos about the exciting sport of ATV sand drag track racing—sanctioned drag races on a professionally groomed 300-foot track complete with NHRA-ype drag race timing lights. Now you’re thinking about modifying your ATV into a more serious contender on the track and increasing […]

5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR QUAD FASTER! The pros tell you how

When it comes to upgrading your ATV, there is always the question of where to start. Your riding style and the type of terrain you ride will determine how to set up your ATV. There are many different variables that can make your machine handle better, go faster and last longer. Performance mods can help […]

HOW-TO: Ride in the mud and prep your machine for the muck

Mud is more than just dirt and water. Mud is an attitude, a way of life and a fascinating subculture. There are ATV riders who live for the sloppiest, messiest conditions and who believe that the ride begins where others turn around. Years ago, riding mud simply meant aiming for the high ground and hoping […]

HOW-TO: Install a Cam Shaft

Building engines is a fun thing—tough, but fun. We have assembled and tuned many motors here at Dirt Wheels, whether it be with a shop’s help or on our own. It’s also a well-known fact that a great way to get more power or tune your engine’s power characteristic is with a good set of […]

HOW-TO: Turn your quad into a flat track racer

In the spring and fall months, desert, MX and XC racing dominate the headlines. However, when summer rolls around and temperatures rise up, these guys take a break from the action. This gives way for dirt track racing to take center stage. Dirt track events typically take place at night, in front of big crowds, […]

HOW-TO: Make your kid’s quad better

No matter how you look at it, parents are ultimately responsible for making decisions about their children’s safety. Manufacturers comply with government safety regulations, plaster their quads with warning stickers, and give specific age recommendations based on the size and power of the ATV, but parents have to decide what’s best for their kids. Starting […]