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HOW-TO: Expert Maintenance Tips

The snow is beginning to melt, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. Spring is finally here, and, for most Dirt Wheels readers, it couldn’t have come faster! The harsh winter months had you cooped up in front of a fire and your ATV in storage. It’s time to get off your lazy […]

HOW-TO: Manual Clutch Tips; Making it work better

Before you begin any clutching mods or repairs on your sport quad, you should run right out and buy a factory service manual for your particular machine. These usually sell for anywhere from $30-$50 and are an invaluable investment if you want to work on your own machine. Inside it will be the official factory […]

Pro Charger Supercharger: HOW-TO

  Man’s everlasting search for horsepower is pretty common in the ATV and UTV world. We need horsepower to race against our buddies on the trails and in the dunes, win at the track, and haul heavy loads. In every issue of Dirt Wheels, we test at least one of a variety of ways to […]


 STORING & CHARGING YOUR POWER SOURCE Battery maintenance is one of those things you just can’t hide from, especially if you like to travel in high moisture situations. Check out our How To, and let that battery of yours, live life to its fullest charge. Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find an ATV […]

HOW TO: PROTECT YOU ATV; Locks and Insurance

Whether your ATVs are new or old, keeping them and your assets safe should be high on your priority list. Full coverage ATV insurance can be less than $200 per year for a newer machine. Keep in mind that your homeowners insurance does not cover you if you ride off of your property. There is […]

HOW TO: Get ready for winter fun!

Products & tips for man & machine As the temperature drops during the winter months, our riding duties at the magazine do not stop. In California, the riding actually gets a lot better during the winter. The dirt is moist, the traction is plentiful, and the air temperature is comfortable for long rides. However, for […]


THE RIGHT WAY No matter how many hopup parts you have on your Rhino or quad, if your belt isn’t in good shape and working properly, you will not get the most out of your machine. Check your belt regularly and keep the system clean for longer life. Changing a CVT belt can baffle someone […]


It’s about that time a year again when the flowers are blossoming, the trees are in full bloom, the birds are chirping and the trails are in their prime. It has been since fall, and before the harsh winter season, that your ATV was gone through and maintained using these 15 maintenance tips. Don’t worry; […]


(From our June 2003 issue) It happens with many first-year model ATV’s. The manufacturers, engineers and testers overlook a few potential problems that a new vehicle may have. It’s not until the machine gets into the hands of the general public that these problems surface. For example, the Raptor’s transmission was weak and needed to […]


ÿIf you read the owners manual that came with your ATV from cover to cover (like you do with Dirt Wheels every month) you will find some helpful maintenance tips. However, the manufactures are addressing maintenance issues for an average non-abusive trail rider. We wanted to let you in on some secrets for saving your […]

Hot Horsepower Tips–April 2002

By Greg HallYou think you did everything right. Bought the most expensive pipe. Paid extra for that jet kit. Followed all the instructions to the letter. If you were lucky, the machine just might actually perform better?except, of course, for that pesky off-idle stumble or the giant flat spot in the midrange, or how about […]