If you have as much interest in concept ATVs as we do, look no further than the website

It’s a treasure trove of awesome ideas in the world of street, dirt, water and air vehicles summited by artists from around the world. Below is what the outlet had to say about Anssi Mustonen’s concept KTM. To see more work from the mind of Mustonen visit

Transforms from quad in Spring, Summer and Fall.
Add a track in back and skis upfront for Winter. Not a far fetched idea from the Austrian OEM.



If you live in an area which experiences bitter winters and plenty of snowfall, a snowmobile is not only a recreational toy, it’s also a practical means of getting from A to B during the colder seasons. But for the rest of the year, it’s just a lump of next-to-useless machinery. Besides, ATVs are much better in the summer months.

The KTM X2 HYBRID concept is an ingenious design with manages to offer the off-road capabilities of an ATV, with the on-snow abilities of a snowmobile. It does this through a modular construction technique where the front wheels can be replaced with skis, and the rear wheels swapped out for a rubber track. When summer rolls back round again, you simply pop the wheels back on.

A huge Brembo caliper will slow the DOHC big bore down in any configuration.

The majority of the KTM X2 HYBRID, frame, bodywork, engine remain unaltered throughout the transition. Meaning that swapping back and forth between the two should be a relatively painless task.

It looks good too. The snowmobile version is maybe a bit lacking in the way of cold weather protection for both the rider and engine. But a couple of clip on plastic panels and a windscreen would soon sort that out.

Considering the hefty price of a decent snowmobile or an ATV, a vehicle which could fulfill both roles for price just north of the price of one would surely be pretty enticing. Especially for buyers with a limited amount of storage space.

While the KTM X2 HYBRID snowmobile / ATV is just a concept for now – it was developed by the Finnish designer Anssi Mustonen – if there was one vehicle manufacturer which might just consider building such an innovative vehicle it would be KTM.

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