ITP SS ALLOY WHEELS: New dimensions and a retro look

You can’t accuse ITP of resting on their past accomplishments. They have always been at the forefront of ATV tire technology and trends. With the release of their latest product, the same can be said. This new product is actually two products; wheels. Called the SS Alloy line, these new wheels have an appearance you would more likely see on a 1960s muscle car than on an ATV. In addition, this wheel line has new dimensions that ITP hopes will set their products apart from the competition.
  The SS line starts with a six-spoke cast aluminum wheel available in sizes 14×6/14×8 and 12×7. This SS106-labeled wheel has glossy black accents on each spoke and more around the entire outer edge of the wheels. The second wheel, a twelve-spoke design, has black accents or can be purchased with a polished, chrome finish available in the same 12 and 14-inch sizes. These new wheels will fit almost every brand and size of late model four-wheel drive quad and all of the side-by-side machines. A 650-pound load rating will allow you to still use your side-by-side machine for heavy-duty work.

   What we noticed about six-inch wide front and eight-inch wide rear wheel sizes on our Yamaha Rhino is how positively traction was affected verses our stock wheels and other seven-inch wide wheels we have tested. In the front, steering was noticeably lighter. In this case, the six-inch wheel creates a rounder profile front tire while driving in a straight line. It still has lots of side bit in reserve for when you start sawing at the steering wheel.
   The wider eight-inch rear wheel has a wide enough offset so wheel spacers are not needed and the footprint is flatter than the front so the most amount of forward traction can be utilized. All of these attributes were felt on the trail during our initial thirty-mile test.
   One of the best features of this new wheel line is its warranty. ITP gives a free lifetime warranty on these SS Alloy wheels. They say if you bend or break a wheel bad enough where it will not function properly, they will replace it free of charge. That’s almost unheard of in this industry.
The SS Alloys are available separately or in tire kits using Mud Lites, XTRs or Terra Cross tires. The individual price of the SS Alloys start at $80 for the six-spoke front wheels and top out at $97 for the 14×8 rears with the polished finish. Those prices include the center hubcaps and lug nuts. To find an ITP dealer, call them direct at (909) 390-1905 or visit