Pro ATV mx rider Joe Byrd is always known to have killer ATV builds including some of his TRX250R’s from back in the day. His most recent build is from a company named TPC, a custom trike with a TRX450R engine installed and modern day suspension. It also features a modern frame, full Dasa exhaust, Dasa built engine, Hinson clutch components, and DWT wheels. We could get use to seeing these around the tracks again!

The founder of TPC is Bill Casey. He designed a conversion kit for $5500 that will let your TRX450R frame accept a CRF450R fork, handlebar mounts, steering stem and bearings, fuel tank, radiators, shrouds, front brake, carburetor, cylinder head, front wheel bearings, and valve cover. You can purchase a fully built TPC trike starting at $9000 and the TPC450R will weight roughly 330 pounds. Talk about a new-age and powerful trike!


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