Following the introduction of its new line of steering dampers, Elka Suspension is proud to announce that John Natalie will be racing with the System 5 in the ATVA-MX Series, and William Yokley will be competing in the Grand National Cross-Country Series with the System 3 steering damper.

These two highly influential pro racers were very impressed by the level of adjustability and the performance that both units provided in the first testing sessions. They easily adapted to the smooth feeling of the Elka Suspension steering dampers and immediately noticed their benefits.

“Awesome! The range of adjustment is right on and the steering is very smooth. You barely feel it’s there until you really need it upon a harsh impact or bad landing,” observed John Natalie after his first few laps once the System 5 was installed. “I had sometimes complained about arm pumping problems in the past. But now, the combination of the System 5 damper and Track System shocks relieves so much work for me that I’d be ready for 40-minute motos!” he revealed later.

William Yokley was also very enthusiastic about the System 3 steering damper. “A steering damper is a much needed add-on for woods racing, where unexpected hits are everywhere and the rider’s endurance is put to test. The System 3 is very easy to install and intuitive to adjust. The free return to center adjustment helps the quad to hold its line in the rough stuff. I also appreciate its compact and sturdy design, it should be more reliable in adverse conditions,” he said.

These new products have been specifically engineered to perfectly complement Elka Suspension’s line of shock absorbers and linkage components to provide the best complete package for your ATV, giving you an unprecedented level of adjustability and performance. The System 3 model offers three different adjustments: high-speed damping, low-speed damping and return to center damping. The System 5 model features the same adjustments plus the adjustment of the angle between straight or cornering and the cornering damping level. All these adjustments not only allow a rider to fine-tune the steering damper to his riding style, helping him when needed without requiring unnecessary effort to remove vibration over choppy terrain, but also reduce arm pumping and lessen rider fatigue. In addition, these adjustments increase control over obstacles and help reduce lap times.

These lower mount rotary dampers will be available with all the required mounting hardware for the following ATV models: Honda TRX450R and TRX400EX, the Yamaha YFZ450, the Suzuki LT-R450 and LTZ400, the Kawasaki KFX400 and the Arctic Cat DVX400. Production has started and the first units will be in stores by August. Retail pricing for the damper unit and mounting hardware is set at US$550 for the System 5 and US$475 for the System 3. Our sales department is currently accepting pre-orders from customers and Elka authorized dealers.

For more information about Elka Suspension’s System 5 and System 3 steering dampers, please visit our recently redesigned Web site at or call our sales department at 1 800 557-0552 or (450) 655-4855.

– The Elka Suspension Management

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