Jump Box – Micro-Start XP-10

Mega power in a micro sized jump box! Never leave home with out one.

No one likes to be stranded. Smart riding and good preparation can avoid this perilous situation. Aside from major mechanical breakdowns, a dead battery is one of the most common causes of being left on the side of the trail. Most of today’s ATVs and all UTVs have automatic transmissions, which prevent them from being bump-, pull- or push-started manually with engine compression. So, having a backup battery is a great solution, and Antigravity Batteries’ Micro-Start products are some of the best we have tried. Better yet, this year the line has grown with two new models: the XP-5 ($110) and the XP-10 ($210).

Aside from being a great battery pack with built-in jumper cables, the Micro-Start is a flashlight and electronics charger that offers an incredible amount of life. Size-wise, the larger XP-10 is about twice as big as an iPhone, both in length and thickness. The Micro-Start XP-5 Mini is closer in size to the iPhone. We had no trouble fitting either jumper pack into a glovebox or UTV storage compartment. And now, both jumpers come in a padded nylon case that will help protect them from banging around while out on the trail.

To use the Micro-Start XP-10, you have to unzip its storage pouch and plug the alligator clips into the battery supply and then you’re ready. You can jump-start anything, from a small kids’ quad all the way up to your truck. Yes, we used it over and over on a small Toyota pick-up and a full-size Ford. The manufacturer recommends not using it on a high-compression engine (four cylinders or higher or diesel, but in a matter of life or death we would try it. A high-compression quad or UTV engine is okay at any time. The personal power supply has enough juice to crank an engine over many times.


No, we wouldn’t use it on a hard-starting motor or something that might not be running right to begin with, but if you have a dead battery because you left your lights on or the key in, it will work. Antigravity claims the larger XP-10 has up to 600-peak cranking amps and the XP-5 has a 300-peak amp output.

Other features include a superbright flashlight and multiple ports to charge all kinds of electronics. Included in the kit are iPhone/iPad plugs, a micro- and mini-USB plug, plus a variety of non-Apple laptop connectors. It will charge a cell phone in about an hour and power other electronics in up to two hours with a full charge. To charge the battery, you can either plug it into a 110-volt wall outlet or a 12-volt power supply. Another great feature is that you can check the personal power supply’s state of charge by simply pushing a button and view the battery-level indicator. That way, you don’t leave home wondering if it’s charged or not.

As advertised, the Micro-Start XP-10 does everything it says and more. We use it as a handy flashlight as much as we do a jump-starter. We love how compact and versatile the product is. It’s so small that we barely see it unless we need it. It stays in the glovebox at all times. Along with saving our butts a few times, we like lending a helping hand to other people out on the trail who need assistance. Most people laugh when we say we can give them a jump with the Micro-Start (especially the Mini), but when it works, they are amazed. The product definitely sells itself. If we gave an award for Product of the Year, the Micro-Start XP-10 would get it. It is so useful, we keep one in every truck we own and always take one with us on test rides. To get your own, call Antigravity Batteries at (310) 527-2330 or www.antigravitybatteries.com and tell them Dirt Wheels sent you.

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