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The win gives Natalie a 23-point lead in the National points standings.

Earlier this season, Natalie was pulling holeshots in both motos race after race. Riders and mechanics had been working hard to figure out what it would take to break Natalie’s holeshot dominance.

Travis Spader (#30), aboard a Yamaha, displayed for everyone how he won the National No. 1 plate in 2000 by pulling the holeshot in the first moto, followed closely by Team Suzuki/Yoshimura’s Doug Gust (#55) and Keith Little (#12), aboard aYamaha. Natalie came out in fifth.

Gust followed Spader for a little more than a lap before making his move into first. Natalie was quickly working his way through riders to move into second behind Gust.

From lap four to the finish, spectators cheered as Gust and Natalie were constantly challenging each other. The lead changed several times?one corner would see Gust on the inside to take the lead then Natalie would have the inside line in the next corner to take the lead.

Gust held off the challenger and took the moto win. Natalie finished second, followed by Kory Ellis (#53) aboard a Yamaha, Dustin Wimmer (#191) on a Honda, Little and Spader.

The start for the second moto was almost a repeat of the first, Spader pulled the holeshot again, followed by Team Suzuki/Yoshimura’s Jeremiah Jone, Harold Goodman (#708) aboard a Suzuki, Ellis and Natalie.

Natalie moved quickly and skillfully into first, followed by Jones and Ellis. Jones tried everything he could to hang with Natalie but riding with no front brakes, caused by first-turn tumbling, seriously hampered his attack at the corners.

Gust (right) was slowed up slightly in the first-turn traffic jam only to get caught up in another jam in the third turn, leaving him buried deep in the pack with a mangled nerf bar.

Many new fans thought his chances for a podium were out of the question, but Gust mounted one of his signature come-from-behind charges. He focused on one rider at a time, advancing lap after lap all the way up to fourth.

After the checkered flag and the scorekeepers added up the points for the two motos, it was Natalie with the win (right, center), Gust second (left) and Ellis third (right).

The current national point standings

Natalie 189
Gust 166
Farr 160
Jones 136
Spader 115

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