ATVA GNC Extreme Dirt Track Series ? Round 1

Greenbrier, AR




Five-time GNC Champion Tim Farr had to literally shift gears as he is currently in the middle of the GNC MX Series.  Honda’s Farr is on a mission to regain the Dirt Track Championship after losing it last year by one point to Yamaha’s Keith Little.  It will be a tough battle, as multi-time TT Champion, Shane Hitt, would also like to take the crown.  Hitt has signed with Suzuki to contend the 2005 season.


The Twin Creeks track offered large jumps, a Pine Lake replica bowl, and a split line to encourage passing.  The weekend also scored record temperatures and humidity for the riders and fans.


Saturday night’s “Pro Show” started off with a Shane Hitt holeshot in the first Pro heat race of the night.  Hitt went on to win the heat race over Darin Ogden.  Farr and Little were pitted against each other in heat two.  Farr grabbed the holeshot over Little and never looked back.  Farr lead the heat from start to finish.  Suzuki’s Harold Goodman followed in third.  Farr’s heat was timed to be the fastest of the night. 


A few hours later, the much-anticipated first race of the year was staged.  All eyes were on Farr, Hitt, and Little.  When the light turned green, Farr and Hitt got the jump off the line, but rubbed several times down the straightaway.  It robbed the two of just enough power to give Ogden and Goodman the edge into the first turn.  Farr, Little, and Hitt had to play chase.  The top five ran bumper to bumper for several laps.  Farr then chose the option lane behind Ogden.  It turned out to be a poor choice.  Goodman came out of the split lanes with the lead.  Farr was slowed just enough for Little to come out ahead of him.  Soon after,  both Little and Farr both chased down and passed Ogden.  Farr pressured Little lap after lap, but was unable to make a pass.  The two made time on Goodman each lap.  On the last lap, Goodman lost his seat.  Goodman breathed a sigh of relief as he took the checkered flag.  Little and Farr rounded out the podium.  Twin Creeks’ regular Brad Covington rode a strong race to finish in fourth and Ogden held on to fifth.  A disappointed Shane Hitt crossed the line in sixth. 


Farr went on to a convincing win over Little in the Pro-Am Production race later in the evening.



ATVA GNC Extreme Flat Track Series Round 1 Results:

1.        Harold Goodman (Suzuki/Curtis Sparks Racing) – Suzuki

2.        Keith Little (Yamaha/Lone Star) ? Yamaha

3.        Tim Farr (Honda/Baldwin Motorsports/White Brothers/Alloy MX/DG) ? Honda

4.        Brad Covington – Yamaha

5.        Darin Ogden – Honda


Farr will switch back to MX for next weekend’s race at High Point.


Special thanks to Tim Farr’s associate sponsors:  ITP, PEP, Douglas Wheel, Wiseco, DID, Kames Sports Center, Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals, Honda Genuine Parts, Walsh Race Craft, Troy Lee Designs, Hinson Racing, JB Racing, Scott, Sidi, Updog Industries, Quad Tech, Tokyo Mods, PowerMadd, Pro Taper, and State 8.