Dear Boss,
I own a ’06 Honda 450R electric start. My problem is it stalls out a lot. After riding it hard and coming to a stop, it will idle fine. But when I go to take off again, it will stall most of the time. Sometimes it also does this at low speeds too. Do my valves need adjusting? Does my carb need adjusting? Or, is this just because of the high compression of the engine? Thank you for your time and expert advice.
Casey Mooneyhan
Dungannon, VA.

Valves? No! High compression? No! Carb need adjusting? Yes! Check your slow speed jetting. eg: idle mixture, slide cutaway, “L” length of your jet needle or the jet needle taper. All of these play a part in “low” speed jetting. I just don’t know where from your letter. What I suspect is that your low speed jetting is lean and a hot motor makes it worse. Start with the easiest first. Increase your idle mixture a quarter of a turn at a time and see if your quad starts off without stalling. When you have gone too far, your quad will not idle well when hot.

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