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It is amazing how much helmet technology is available for reasonable prices these days. Kali Protectives’ new Sastra helmet is a perfect example. The lid is priced at $149, and it is packed with features and quality for that dollar amount. First of all, Kali helmets are unique in that the company uses a proprietary process where the ABS shell and EPS liner are molded all at the same time. That eliminates air gaps between the shell and EPS, so the helmets are typically very light and compact. The helmet has a few areas where the EPS is exposed, and it has a molded-on plastic cover that actually has the design from the helmet shell carried over. This manufacturing process looks very cool, but in this case, the beauty goes all the way through the EPS. As the EPS is molded, it has firmer layers close to the shell and softer foam closer to your head. The foam can have as many as eight layers. It gets more exotic than that, though. The layers are not uniform. Spiky, cone-shaped sections of the soft and firm foam interlock in a very complex fashion to offer impact protection. To top it all off, the EPS has vent channels molded into the inner surface.

Vents in the helmet shell and the comfort liner work with the channels in the EPS to make this a very comfortable helmet on a hot day. In addition to the unique EPS liner, the Sastra has an integrated neck-brace landing pad and an antibacterial, removable, washable liner. And, all these features combine for an ECE- and DOT-approved helmet that weighs 3.11 pounds, so it feels extremely light on your head.

In the past, Kali helmets have run extremely large, and our Sastra is still roomy. One rider, who is usually an XL, found the Sastra XL easy to put on, with a comfy fit around the crown of the head. At the cheek area, the helmet is a little loose for motocross, but the fit is great for long days in the saddle off-road. For MX, that rider would choose a large. The Sastra is available in sizes XS–XXL, so there should be one for every head.

Compared to some companies, the colorways are a bit limited, but we found our helmet to be very attractive. It may not show in the images, but in the areas where the helmet is white, it has a ghost pattern on it. Colorways are Patchwork in black, red and white; and Dominoe in black, white and blue. The only solid color is black.

We wore the Sastra in humid heat in South Carolina in a SxS, and wore it in 105 degrees riding sport quads in California, and the venting and comfort are outstanding. We never had a problem with goggle fit, not even when wearing glasses under the goggles. The final innovation the Sastra has is the visor. The center mount for the visor pops out, and you can replace it with a black plastic piece. A small bag that comes with the helmet has the plastic parts. The new piece allows you to mount popular helmet cams and lights directly to the helmet visor without adding a thing. Very nice!


The Kali is a great-looking, fine-fitting helmet that is light and as well-vented as anything we have ever worn. The built-in helmet-cam mount is just a cherry on top. Visit www.kaliprotectives.com or see your dealer.

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