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By Winston “Boss” McKannick

Dear Boss,
I have a 1993 Kawasaki Mojave 250 with a one-size-over Wiseco piston. During the rebuild, I had new valve seats, guides and seals installed in the cylinder head. The builder also smoothed out the casting flash in the intake and exhaust ports. It has an aftermarket exhaust and a K&N filter in the factory airbox, so he also installed a #135 main jet in the carb to get more fuel with the added airflow. The quad is now hard to start when it is cold. It usually needs a tow to get it started. It runs great once the engine is warmed up. Any ideas on how to make it easier to cold-start would be appreciated.

Dan Bigman
Ontario, Canada

Dumb question here: did your tech actually operate the quad to test the jetting or did he just use WG (Wild Guess)? Just increasing the main jet will have no effect on the low speed and starting circuits. Stock settings are as follows: Main jet #132, pilot jet #35, starter jet #55 and idle screw 2 1/2 turns out. First, check the operation of the choke to ensure the starter plunger is being pulled off its seat when the lever is actuated. Then, I would investigate a richer pilot jet and/or starter jet. You need a richer mixture than you currently have for starting, and it is kind of hard  for me to do this kind of troubleshooting without being there, son!

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