Kenda Snow Mad Tires

We have featured various track systems in the past that will keep you riding in the deepest snow. These tracks are heavy, expensive and require lots of horsepower just to turn them. Kenda offers a tire product on the other end of the price spectrum, but will allow for just as much wintertime fun.

The Snow Mad is a rear tire designed to be installed on sport quads so you can enjoy riding in the winter. Snow Mad tires are available in 22×10-9 and 22×10-8 sizes only. They retail for around $70 each and are constructed like a paddle with traction ribs placed around the circumference of the tire. The Snow Mad ribs are about a half-inch tall and placed about three inches from one another. A typical paddle tire for the dunes has much taller paddles and are spaced farther apart.
We mounted a set of the Snow Mad rear tires on the back of our stock Raptor 700 and set out in search of snow.

While the Snow Mad tires were not designed to be ridden in the dirt, they performed well, as we had several miles of terra firma to travel over in search of the white stuff.

In the snow, the Kenda tires worked best if the trail was packed or groomed. In powder over six inches deep, our 2WD Raptor started to get high-centered on the swingarm.

The Snow Mad tire is built very similar to a paddle tire for sand. However, the ribs are much shorter and less aggressive. This helps them work well, even in the dirt.

Once in the powder, the Snow Mad tires performed well. The traction ribs hooked up great and pushed the quad through with minimal tire spin. In fact, we had a stock 4WD quad along for the ride, and it didn’t perform any better in the slippery stuff. Up to about six inches deep, the Snow Mad tires worked great and allowed us to go on several winter rides that are usually reserved for 4x4s.

These tires actually worked best on groomed or packed snowmobile-type trails. The ribs moved the Raptor forward as if we were on dirt. The packed conditions were better because there was no plowing of the front end, and we didn’t get high-centered like you can in deep powder, even with a 4×4. And there are no cornering issues like we sometimes see with aggressive paddles.

Kenda’s Snow Mad rear tires are an excellent choice to keep you riding through the winter. They are much cheaper than a track/ski setup, install in seconds and even work in the dirt. To order a set of Kenda Snow Mad tires this winter, see you local dealer or call Kenda at (614) 866-9803. You can also see more Kenda tires at