Klim’s Dakar pant is a superb piece of textile engineering. Seriously, the list of important features and design elements is longer than the same sort of list for a new quad! In this case, it was important that much thought, design and effort went into this pant, since at $209.95 to $219.95, it is gear for the serious rider. The Dakar is available as over-the-boot (OTB) and in-the-boot styles, but for riding quads, we prefer the over-the-boot style. OTB allows a greater freedom of movement; keeps water, mud and other junk out of your boots; and makes the boots stay looking new longer. Where a lot of OTB pants are mere lightweight shells with some rudimentary pockets, the Dakar features heavy-duty 840d Cordura with a durable, water-resistant coating for durability, two cargo pockets for when you want to reach things in a hurry, lots of stretch panels for comfort and ease of movement, and a controlled ventilation system. The pant in the photos is several years old, and it still fits, wears and looks like new. The latest model still looks the same, but has a refined fit around the knee and thicker-wear leather at the inner knee. The Dakar is an all-season off-road pant. With all the vents closed, it is warm enough for cold weather, and it resists moderate moisture. When it gets warm, just open the leg vents for comfort. The front vents zip open, but the rear exhaust vents are always open. When it’s scorching outside, you will see that there is a reason that Klim makes a vented Mojave pant. However, at this price, our riding buddies can only afford one or the other, and most choose the Dakar knowing it will work all year, and they never have to think twice about which pant is in the bag.


Other features are heavy-duty nylon-thread-seam sewing, thick abrasion- and melt-resistant leather on the inner legs from above the knee to the cuff of the pant to protect from wear and pipe burns, and the Velcro-adjustable cuff allows the lower section of the pant leg to be opened to adjust boot and knee guards/braces (and cinched down as tight as you choose around the boots). The zippered thigh pockets have a storm flap to deflect water and junk, 3M Scotchlite reflective material trim is a great touch for visibility at night (great for dual-sport riders), and the waist snaps above the front zipper, which has dual cinch straps at both sides to snug the fit up without belts or buckles in the front. All of the zippers have little flaps to make them easy to use with gloves on. There are pockets ready for hip pads, but the pads are sold separately. The pant is not only fully lined, but lined with technical wicking fabrics, and the stretchy liner material is used wherever there are outer stretch panels.


Sizing on the Dakar runs between correct and generous. We like to run a tad large, then use the side-pull cinch straps to snug up the fit. This pant is heavier than most OTB pants, but the quality construction, features and protective leather make that a given. Considering the wear these pants have taken, the weight and the price are well worth the cost. The Dakar is a true all-weather, all-year pant for any sort of riding.


Compared to the pant, the high-quality Revolt jersey is pretty basic. Basic isn’t bad, though. The fit is roomy and comfortable, and the wicking polyester material is all-weather capable. The Revolt allows you to move without restriction. It features a large silicone patch on the tail of the jersey to help keep it tucked in. There are underarm mesh panels for venting. The Revolt is a non-current model for Klim now, but they still sell it for $39.09. Sizes and colors are a bit limited. The Revolt is sewed to look like a short sleeve with longer sleeves underneath. It is a nice look, but we have snagged the fake short-sleeve cuff section on brush before. Otherwise, zero complaints.


A lot of ATV riders don’t bother with a riding pant, but the Klim pant makes a day of riding much more comfortable than old camos and they offer better protection, and with the construction they will offer that comfort for years. The same with the jersey. It wicks sweat, allows easy movement, and it is something of a bargain being non-current to later designs. Check out www.klim.com for more info.

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