KLIM’s New F3 Helmet – The Most Valuable Riding Partner

KLIM’s commitment to the off-road rider’s all-day performance continues with the launch of the all-new F3 Helmet. The new F3 proves to be the most-valuable riding partner with lighter weight, premium strength, and high-tech construction built with the world’s most premium materials.

Structure Mapped Composite construction, a new complete comfort liner system, intelligent ventilation and KLIM legendary quality combine in the new F3, providing a modern, sleek design with massive lightweight strength.

To develop the F3, KLIM Engineers went to work on fighting the most common off-road helmet annoyances that keep you from enjoying your rides to the fullest. Primarily, the F3 Helmet is designed to minimize fatigue and maximize impact performance thanks to the lighter weight and superior strength of KLIM’s Structure Mapped Composite base material lay up. This process optimizes strength-building composites in the right places, reducing overall weight without hindering performance. The F3 even works in conjunction with market leading neck brace technology, not against it.

Comfort is top priority, with KLIM’s refined fitment and innovative construction methods resulting in up to 10% smaller overall external dimensions and a sleeker, more comfortable fit from three shell sizes. With worldwide recognition as the leading brand in body comfort, KLIM engineers built a massively effective intelligent ventilation system for the F3. Thirteen intake vents and six exhaust ports combine to provide optimal heat dispersion even in slow speeds and at rest.

Real life riding directs product development at KLIM 100%. And the new F3 reflects that with the widest unobstructed field of view in its class, ensuring you’ll never miss epic views or the best line. Further, KLIM engineered the latest Custom EPS and internal liner systems to integrate the F3 and rider as one. Custom EPS, 3D Ergonomic Cheek Pads, and Klimatek™ Fabric custom-fit liner systems utilize adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles.

For riders looking to experience all-day comfort, off-road engineered designs and premium material and construction commitments, KLIM’s all-new F3 Helmet is leading the light and strong revolution.

About KLIM
KLIM® Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing, developing, sourcing and distributing the most advanced powersports apparel for the snowmobile, motorcycle and off-road rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, like GORE-TEX® products, KLIM® offers gear for the most demanding riders. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM® strives to do one thing above all – improve the riding experience without compromise. For more information, visit www.KLIM.com.

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