KTM 380 SX 2-Stroke ATV with 72 Horsepower!

Klaus Fleckinger is the mastermind behind this radical 2-stroke transplant. The German native races KTM ATVs in the dirt and in the snow. Fleckinger wanted to build a quad that was fast yet lightweight so he could have an advantage over his competition. This KTM started life out as a 2012 505 SX and Klaus turned it into a Eigenbau 380 SX Two Stroke with 72 HP! The build took a lot of welding and fabricating to get the 2-stroke engine to fit properly where a 4-stroke motor once ran the ATV. Klaus utilized parts from a KTM 125 dirt bike, like it’s ignition rotor and CDI to implant into his new race machine. After many other modifications, Fleckinger took this KTM Monster quad out to test it in the snow, and now uses it for all different types of riding and racing. Check out photos of the build below.

13452957_1149495228404187_1801838502_o 13446356_1149494988404211_540049383_o 13405330_1149495425070834_370965198_o 13442116_1149495108404199_1986893756_o 13410566_1149493285071048_834053171_o 13453468_1149493305071046_687111882_o 13461150_1149493291737714_1034697334_o (1) 13445862_1149493881737655_373026841_o 13467312_1149493841737659_1242752745_o 13460999_1149495548404155_288094379_o3

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