Kymco USA factory ATV Racer Josh Wood rode his Kymco MXU 700i LE ATV to his sixth 4×4 Lites class win for the season. This GNCC Round 8—the AMSOIL Snowshoe—not only has the nastiest and gnarliest course, but the race begins on pavement at 4,800-feet, in narrow rows of five, which gave Wood a start on row 41. This simply made it a passing festival as he smoked by nearly 200 riders on his way to 13th overall, as he made his way off from the Snowshoe Resort, into the steep descents and climbs on the mountainside.

Wood said afterwards, “This race starts like the old Blackwater race; live engines on pavement. We started off with the holeshot, but one mile into the race the craziness began. This event really stood up to its reputation as America’s toughest race. The logging roads were fast with big breakers, the woods were full of giant rocks, and Howard’s Hole had hundreds of mud-covered “mud flies” tugging out the stuck machines. There were quads stuck everywhere; 4x4s and sport quads, multiple lines all mired in hard, and rocks the size of cars. I saw bikes with their wheels broken off, frames broken in half, and one on fire. This race takes the mountain sides and is one race that is hard to just simply finish. Some people come from all over just to do one single lap at Snowshoe, and then they’re done.


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