LabTek Off-Road F16 ATV Steering Stabilizers

LabTek Off-Road is excited to announce the release of its all new F16 ATV
Steering Stabilizers. After nearly four decades in the off road community, and
two decades in the power sports industry, we have seen a lot of products come
and go. Tired of all the misleading waist of time products on the market, we
decided to branch out on our own, in order to focus on the products that are
relevant due to their need, quality, and overall value to the customer.

Our first offering was our very own ATV “stick style” steering stabilizer. We had
known for sometime that the need for a high quality low cost ATV steering
stabilizer existed. So, after a lot of time, thought, and talking with fellow
enthusiasts, we came to the conclusion that we needed to build our own.
In May of 2013 we launched our very successful LabTek K9 ATV Stabilizers. Now
nearly one year later we are doing it again! This time we are upping the ante
with our all new LabTek F16 Steering Stabilizer. Once again, listening to our
customers, we decided to increase the adjustments from nine to sixteen! This
new upgrade will allow our users even more precise adjustments tailoring to
their exacting needs. Like our K9 models the all new F16 model line is made of
the finest quality materials and are engineered to withstand the test of time and
abuse that an ATV racer will dish out.

With 16-Way adjustability ranging from very soft to very firm we can assure the
most precise adjustability on the market!

Backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee, our top quality customer service,
and overall low purchase price with free shipping anywhere within the
continental United States, it’s a win-win for sure!


 100% Rebuildable

 Adjustable progressive multistage valving

 Features an internal expansion reservoir

 All new spherical bearing incorporated into the body

clamp. No cheap pot-metal heim joint found here!

 Aeronautic grade aluminum (AL7075) construction

 Billet end caps to protect seals from mud & debris

 CK45 polished steel rods

 Self-lubricating heim joints

 16-Way adjustability

 No center slack

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