Dustin Nelson (94) grabbed the holeshot in the Pro ATV race, but Beau Baron (1) worked into the lead quickly.

The Lake Havasu Round of the WORC Series was typically unique with sections of rock-had dirt, actual rocks, gravel sand, regular sand, sugar sand and even mud. The Pro ATV class was a Honda sweep when teammates Beau Baron and David Haagsma took first and second with Robbie Mitchell third. Josh Frederick was expected to be a major force, but he suffered a crash on the hardpack that took him out of the race and eventually onto an emergency flight to Las Vegas for care.
Baron looked set to extend his SxS win streak as well, and he did lead all of the laps he completed in addition to setting fast lap. The five laps he completed were good for enough points to keep him in the series lead. Robert Vanbeekum took the race win.

One of the key features of the Havasu WORCS course was this Lagoon jump. It saved a ton of time, but was a big leap and a hard landing.

This is the landing from the Lagoon jump. If the rider could get out a little farther it was better, but still a hit.

Eventual SxS Pro Production winner Robert Vanbeekum and the Can-Am next to him got together when landing from this jump, and Verbeekum had to scramble with two wheels off the side of the jump. He gathered it up to come from behind and win.

James Hill was second SxS Pro, and that moved him to third in the series.

Being the last race after two days of hard racing, the ATV Pro class had some section of choking dust to navigate in addition to a massively rough course.

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