The Johnny Walker edition enduro boots: Comfortable, secure, and durable

leatt 5.5 enduro boot


Leatt’s 5.5 FlexLock boot is among the most comfortable boots we’ve tested. Leatt has developed the boot in collaboration with the two-time Erzberg Rodeo winner, Johnny Walker. The 5.5 boot is considered the top-tier option in their line of boots, whereas the 4.5 and 3.5 are slightly less sophisticated and priced lower accordingly.


Leatt’s FlexLock system is the highlight feature of their 5.5 boot, offering customizability not found in many other boots. With its adjustable lower boot flex, it’s easy to fine-tune the boot to the desired amount of directional flex. It’s the system’s LockOut mechanism that is maybe the most unique thing about it. Designed to restrict excessive sideward ankle movement, allegedly resulting in up to 37% less force to the ankle and up to 35% less force to the knee. Leatt says this gives a better sense of security for riders.

Leatt_5.5 boot


To do this boot justice we tested them in the extreme conditions it was designed to deal with. Enduro riding often requires spending several hours on the bike at a time. Being comfortable is important. They offer a secure feeling but they aren’t stiff like many high end boots. Despite all of its impressive features, the boot doesn’t feel bulky or compromise your ability to feel the bike beneath your feet while riding.

While the 5.5 boot boasts impressive features, it also eliminates the need for a significant break-in period. Unlike other boots that may require several rides or even months to break in, the 5.5 is comfortable from the start. There are stiffer boots on the market and if stiffness alone a must the 5.5 isn’t that boot.

After about 70 hours of rigorous use, including hard enduro races like King of the Motos and countless rides through boulder gardens, we were impressed to find that the boots hadn’t lost much comfortability or support. That alone makes them a great choice for the money. 


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Those who invest a significant amount of time in riding boots are aware that the soles can be a weak point, especially in the middle area where most people’s feet rest. Often, the sole wears out before the rest of the boot. However, Leatt has designed its boots to have better grip on the sole compared to non-enduro specific boots. It would make sense if they wore out sooner, but despite the beating we gave them, these boots have held up well. While there is some wear, it is not an alarming amount by any means.

 At slower speeds during enduro rides, the buckles tend to catch and unlatch frequently due to their raised position and sharp shape, which can be distracting. This can happen with certain boots but the difference is that enduro riding often demands taking your foot on and off the pegs quite regularly meaning more of a chance to catch on something and unlatching. We put a decent bend in one of the buckles which was partly due to our aggressive riding. A more integrated and smoother profile of the buckle could help prevent this issue in the future. Replacement buckles and hardware can be purchased through Leatt but overall the comfort and durability is worthy of the $449.99 price tag.

WEBSITE: www.leatt.com

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