Let’s Ride with LR!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride along side desert racing legend Larry Roeseler? Well then look no further. All you have to do to have the experience is sign up. This isn’t an enter to win gimmick either. Larry has teamed up with Coyne Powersports, UTV Underground, and his team of dedicated sponsors to take regular people on a fun ride to show what the world of UTVs is all about.

Once a month registered riders meet in the superstition OHV area in imperial valley California to do a double loop with about 20 cars led by Roeseler himself.

The ride begins in the morning at the Coyne Powersports Motorplex at the bottom of jar head hill. The first loop is about 50 miles with plenty of stops along the way to take in the scenery and historic sites of the trail.

LR loves pretending he’s a fish in front of these “aquarium rocks”

The trail goes through sand wash canyons, followed by a power line road, chipped rock bad lands, 60 foot “whoops”, ancient salt water coral formations, and trails along the railroad tracks.

It is an easy ride for beginners but it is certainly not boring. The pace is kept at around 40mph but no man is left behind. Even if you happen to break down, the Safecraft chase trucks and personnel will make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of and make it back to camp.

After the first loop, its back to camp for tacos and drinks to fuel up for round two. Much of the group tends to leave after the first long loop but if you are up for the challenge, the second loop has some challenging technical trails that may push you out of your comfort zone yet are all fun and doable.

After one big climb where we enjoyed the view before a tough downhill, it was off through the desert. We hit some smooth fast lines before heading into some rock crawling and canyon navigation. The technical trails include black cat’s paw, cats tail, and tilted table.

The small group that stayed for round two had a blast and some said they had never driven in terrain like that before. We stopped for a break at Sand Dam Dunes to hang out and watch hill drags before heading back to camp.

The 13 time Baja champ will tell all that LR stands for Let’s Ride or Live to Ride, so getting to ride with him is definitely worth the experience. We joined the group for both the September and October rides and had a blast.

Now is the perfect time to sign up since they are skipping November to ride Baja and enjoy Thanksgiving. If you would like to receive updates about future rides, or register for a ride, follow this link and fill out the form.

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