One man's reconnection with ice racing quads has him more excited than ever

Since it’s still that time of year… We recently got sent a stack of ice racing photos from back in the midwest, so we though it best to share and see who else is as intrigued as us. With a couple posts on our Instagram we got some interesting responses and even more pictures sent to us.

Everything from riding on a sheet of ice that a few months prior was a body of water to the actual setup of the machines is unique. They even have a non-studded tire class which doesn’t seem logical yet looks like a blast from videos we’ve seen. We haven’t spent much time on ice being based in SoCal but hearing stories and watching videos has us thinking a trip is in order.

Lucas Borre wrote to us about how he got started and how he’s back and loving racing again.

“I got into ice racing at about 8years old with my first quad my Mom and Dad got me which was a Yamaha yfm100. I quickly moved up to a Yamaha blaster and then a 87 Suzuki LT250R and raced until I was about 14.”
“I have great memories of my Dad, who has passed. Dad and I spent hours and hours working on the quads, studding tires and just hanging out in the garage and at the races, something I will never forget.”

Lucas Borre is making memories with his family and what better way we couldn’t think of.

“Last year at 31 years old got back into ice racing with the same LT250R I raced with my Dad all those years ago. It was a tough year because of all the upgraded quads, I just couldn’t keep up but racing was what I wanted to do. I wanted to continue racing because I was giving up my motorcycles and wanted to share this with my new family, my little girl Ellie and wife Emily. I really wanted to enjoy being on the ice with my family and create the memories like my family did with me when I was little.”

“I decided for the 2023 race season to purchase 450 to be more competitive, tried building one found out quickly a ready to go wheeler was actually cheaper option, so i picked up TT ready to go trx450 with some tasteful mod…🤯….what a difference that was!! placed first in both my classes at SWIRA in southern Wisconsin”

Lucas is pretty stoked on his new racer and already taking home 1st place trophies. Congratulations, Lucas! We wish you the best of luck going forward!

If anyone else has any stories they want to share please feel free to send them to us! Please have pictures to share along with the story. [email protected] Thank you!

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