We’re taking a look at Doug Miedema’s quad here that started out as a Honda TRX250R, but there’s probably not a stock part on it (except the plastic). The thing that makes this machine extra special is the Lonestar frame made from titanium. It is the lightest, strongest and highest quality steel there is. As you may guess, it’s also very expensive. Doug’s quad also has titanium A-arms, swing arm, tie rods and axle.

LED built the engine, intake and exhaust, and it uses a 330cc cylinder as well as a CR250 ignition.  The carb is a 39mm PWK unit and the crank is brand new along with Yukon transmission gears and a Direct Drive Lockout clutch.

For suspension Doug went with Custom Axis Pro-Air shocks. The brake rotors and pads are from Galfer. To keep the weight of the quad as light as possible Doug used titanium nuts, bolts and washers from Fourwerx. In other words, this is one exotic quad.

Doug says he really appreciates companies like LED, Lonestar, Fourwerx, and ESR.  In his words, “Not only do they help us keep our 250Rs alive, they help us turn them into the fastest, lightest, and most versatile quads on the planet.”


– LED PROX 330 with matching LED hand built pipe and silencer

– LED stainless air intake

– It has new OEM cases

– all new OEM internals in the engine including crank, and Yukon gears in the transmission

– CR250 ignition

– 39mm PWK, UPP boot

– Direct Drive Lockout clutch

– LSR Titanium Frame

– LSR Titanium A-arms

– LSR Titanium No-link Swingarm

– RAD Titanium axle

– RaceTech Titanium tie rods

– Custom Axis Pro-Airs and Custom Axis no-link rear shock

– ATV Innovations rear caliper

– Hiper beadlock rims

– Almost 600 titanium nuts, bolts and washers supplied by Fourwerx

– Fourwerx prototype carbon fiber stator cover

– Fourwerx carbon fiber Hood, Radiator shrouds, gas tank cover, graphics

– PDXTRX stainless footpegs

– galfer rotors and pads

– 88 OEM fenders

– Duncan Bumper

– ESR kick starter and shifter

– Tag fat bars

– Oury grips

– Project 321 gas cap

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