— One of the things we like about Lucas Oil is they are heavily involved with racing. It’s hard to keep track of all the racing series they sponsor. If you’re wanting to know when a particular race is and when to watch it on TV, their website is where to go. Below is what to click:


This is the series we like the most, because its Production 1000 UTV class always has the best wheel-to-wheel racing from start to finish. It was particularly exciting at the year end Challenge Cup when Mickey Thomas took the win in his Yamaha YXZ1000R, but he had to work hard for it.


Another thing we like about Lucas Oils is they design their oil products to withstand the harshest engine environments, and then they go out and test it in for days on end at the race track. Their philosophy seems to be — “If it can survive 10,000 rpms inside a racing engine all day, then it’ll do the same in Β an ATV engine ridden normally.”

You might be surprised by the wide variety of oil related products that Lucas Oil offers. Along with engine oil and gear oil, they have 2-stroke premix oil. They also have air filter oil, suspension fluid, chain lube, CV grease, fuel octane boosters and spray cleaners. If you ride an ATV or UTV they’ve made sure to have anything you’ll need.

Lucas Oil Products >Β


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