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If you have as much interest in concept ATVs as we do, look no further than the website It’s a treasure trove of awesome ideas in the world of street, dirt, water and air vehicles summited by artists from around the world. Below is what the outlet had to say about Anssi Mustonen’s concept […]


All of the big ATV manufacturers build quads for smaller riders, and most of the machines are great. However, if you want to get your kid into racing, you have to consider looking beyond the big brands. DRR is a small Ohio-based company that plays by the government’s rules, yet can design and import vehicles […]


It’s going to be a good year. The ATV market is expanding at both ends. Sure, there are more big quads with new features, but there are also better offerings at the low end of the price scale. At the dealer level, ATVs are fighting for floor space with an ever-growing fleet of UTVs, which […]

Quads of the Future

Sometimes we just can’t wait around for the OEMs to come out with new sport quads, so we build them ourselves. This is a group of machines that we know the big manufacturers could build with very little investment and would sell very well. Are you listening, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM? Can-Am actually has a […]

2015 UTV Buyer’s Guide

This will be remembered as the time when the UTV world grew up. Until now, manufacturers have been searching, experimenting and exploring new places in the market. We not only get new products each year, but we get new types of products. Two-seaters expanded into four-seaters, then six-seaters. Sport models became competition models, and UTVs […]

KTM 600XC Thumper Power

No rider who has ever thrown a leg over KTM’s 525XC can call it slow—and if they have, they might need to take some time off for a mental rebuild. Stock, it will outrun just about any other sport quad on the market today, save for KTM’s own 505SX. The single-overhead-cam, four-valve RFS (Racing Four-Stroke) […]

2014 UTV Buyer’s Guide

Dealers are running out of space. Each year the list of UTV models grows longer and more complicated. It’s gotten to the point that a retailer can’t hope to display all the UTV offerings available to him; the showroom floor just isn’t big enough. So, where do you go to see the width and breadth […]

2014 2 UP ATV Buyer’s Guide

ARCTIC CAT TRV1000 LIMITED ($12,999) It’s up to you; you can either strengthen your marriage or destroy it with the TRV1000. The flagship of the Arctic Cat two-up models is the 951cc TRV, which is only delivered in Limited trim. That gives you the passenger accommodations in addition to a fairing/windscreen combo, power steering, a […]